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Sissy Hill: Volume 1: Gender Violations

Sex, Chrysalis, and video games. This surrealistic erotic horror in an alternate dimension filled with monsters, decaying buildings, and a mysterious man called M goes beyond experiments in crossdressing.

With near total amnesia, and an unlikely combination of body parts, Daisy isn't even sure if they're a girl or a boy -- but they're pretty sure at least some of the things they're doing are anatomically impossible. Is Daisy dreaming, psychotic, or just in hell?

Follow Daisy's strange sexual adventures as he -- or she -- unravels the mysteries of the silent and brooding Sistine Hill, a mysterious gender reassignment clinic lurking at the dark heart of a nightmarish world of deformity, debauchery, and depravity.

Volume 1...


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A Taste for Experience A Taste for Excitement Alien Bodies: Episode One: Jargo Alien Bodies: Episode Two: Ninx Angels of Flesh Beating Hearts Big Business, Beautiful Curves Bred by the Minotaur Bred by the Minotaur 2 Bred by the Troll Breeding the Bad Girl Bride of the Centaur Bride of the Manticore Cherry Float Dawn's Big Black Adventure: Part One: The Pick-Up Dawn's Big Black Adventure: Part Two: Under the Hood Dawn's Big Black Adventure: Part Three: The Birthday Present Forced to Mate with the Centaurs Forced to Mate with the Mermen Forced to Mate with the Minotaurs Geek Girl Fantasy Get Out of My Bedroom Volume 1 Get Out of My Bedroom Volume 2 Get Out of My Bedroom Volume 3 Get Out of My Bedroom Bundle volumes 1, 2, 3 Heaven's Harlot House of Erotic Horrors I Do Thee Cuck I Do Thee Cuck 2: Big, Black Honeymoon Lake Taboo Pi Kappa Mu Plushie: An Erotic Romp Plushie 2: Merry Plushie Christmas Polly, Amorous: Vol 1: Valentine, Nebraska Polly, Amorous: Vol 2: Banking on Love Pretty Little Sissy Ravished by Legendary Beasts Ravished by Monsters Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 1 Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 2 Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 3 Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 4 Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 5 Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang collection 1 Sissy Hill: Volume 1: Gender Violations Strange Tides Stranger Tides Tamed by the Creature from the Lagoon Tamed by the Vault Dwellers Tamed by the Yeti The Enchanted Elf The Eviction The Orc King's Captive The Orc King's Captor Tranny Justice: In the Ladies' Room Zelda the Witch: Love Potion Number Nine and One Half

986,800 published words

A Taste for Experience

A Taste for Experience

Volume 1 of A Taste for Romance

sex after 60, seniors erotica, erotic romance

Length: short story (7,000 words, approx 21+ pages)

Sixty-five year-old Clarissa has just found out that her husband of over forty years is cheating on her with a younger woman. Desperate for some space, she decides to take a vacation at a popular resort. While sitting by the pool, a beautiful young man engages her in a conversation that seems to suggest he may be interested in more than a casual acquaintance. When the handsome stranger reveals his very particular--and refined--taste in women, what begins as a chance encounter with a boy less than half her age turns into a once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge in a night of wild, uninhibited passion.

This steamy 7,000 word erotic story about a mature, older woman and a sexy younger man is filled with graphic and explicit language, including oral sex, cunnilingus, and passionate intercourse.

"I find women your age attractive," he continued. "You know how to take care of yourselves. You're classy. You have style." He paused, looking at her intently. "And you know what you want and how to get it. Not to mention, you know what you're doing."

He picked a pack of cigarettes up off the table beside him and shook one out. "Are those good enough reasons, or do you need more?"

Is he telling the truth, or is he telling me what I want to hear? "You seem unusually mature for your age," she said, watching him put the cigarette to his lips.

"Is that a crime?"

"No, but it's uncommon."

"I like to think I'm a little less predictable than other men. Do you smoke?" he asked, picking up the lighter.

"Not for twenty years," she said, leaning down on her side. She held her head up with her hand and held her drink in the other, watching him.

"I don't either. Except when I have sex."

Her heart skipped a beat. Well, he's bold, at any rate. "Are you planning on having sex?"

"Aren't you?" He took a long drag from the cigarette.

She pursed her lips. "You seem awfully confident, considering we've just met."

He tapped ashes into the ashtray perched on the arm of the chair.

"Clarissa, you're retired, not dead."

She froze. "How do you know my name?"

He took another sip of his drink and another drag from his cigarette. "I asked the girl running the desk. She wasn't hard to convince."

"I bet," she said, taking another drink.

"I gave her a twenty and a smile. She's not my type," he said. "Neither is the maid," he said, nodding at the rumpled sheets. "I just don't like being disturbed."

Clarissa felt the gin starting to take effect. The warmth in her throat was extending elsewhere, loosening her up.

"You're an interesting man," she said. As soon as she said it, she realized it was true. She'd taken him for a male slut, but he was proving to be much more intriguing. And he didn't seem to be digging for money.

"That's because I hang around with interesting people," he said, setting his empty glass on the table. He got up from the chair and climbed onto the bed beside her, surprising her, and making her pulse race.

"Most of my lovers are successful businesswomen and professionals. CEOs, politicians, doctors, art curators. You don't get those kinds of experiences from sorority girls."

"You really get around, don't you?" She wanted to pull away but the smell of his skin held her fast. Citrus. Sandalwood. He didn't smell like a pool anymore. She wanted to taste him.

"Clarissa, I'm attracted to older women, I'm not dead," he said, taking the half-empty glass from her hand and setting it on the nightstand. "I have the libido of a young man, I just have better taste in women."

He leaned in to kiss her...

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A Taste for Excitement

A Taste for Excitement

Volume 2 of A Taste for Romance

sex after 60, seniors erotica, erotic romance

Length: short story (6,700 words, approx 20+ pages)

After a torrid night of passion and a romantic day at the beach, sixty-five year old Clarissa realizes that her dirty dalliance with a man less than half her age may turn out to be something more than a one night stand. There's only one problem: she knows nothing about her paramour, not even his name. A meeting with someone from his past and a tense moment during a tropical storm convince her that there's more to this young man than meets the eye.

This steamy 6,700 word erotic story about a mature, older woman and a sexy younger man picks up where the first volume leaves off. It is filled with graphic and explicit language, including oral sex, cunnilingus, and passionate intercourse.

The young man led her up over a pile of stone blocks and when they came down the other side her breath caught in her throat.

A waterfall, no more than twenty feet high, cascaded between ferns and palm trees into a small emerald pool surrounded by gleaming black rocks. The waterfall was almost enclosed by the short cliff and practically invisible from anywhere else on the beach, affording them a modicum of privacy. The crash of the falls was just loud enough to obscure their voices from others.

"It's beautiful," she said, turning to him with a smile.

"I come here to think sometimes," he said, leading her by the hand. They walked through the shallow stream leading from the pool to the ocean. The water running over their feet felt crisp and cool, a refreshing change from the hot stone baking under the blaze of the sun.

He set her umbrella and towel roll down on a large flat rock and splashed into the pool, ducking his head under the falls and then shaking the water out of his hair with a yelp. He wiped the water out of his eyes and slicked back his hair with his hands, smiling.

"Come on," he said, waving her over. "It's warmer than it looks."

She climbed down carefully from the rock and slipped into the water. It was lukewarm and came up to her chest. She waded over to him and he embraced her, kissing her on the lips with his open mouth.

They stayed like that for a long, delicious minute before she pulled away.

"I don't even know your name," she said, blushing apologetically. The romantic setting made her realize that things were getting far too serious for anonymous tom-foolery.

He smiled. "I guess you don't," he said, swimming backward, deeper into the pool...

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Alien Bodies: Episode One: Jargo

Alien Bodies: Episode One: Jargo

alien erotica, interspecies sex, science fiction, space pirates

Length: novelette (13,100 words, approx 39+ pages)

Xana's a stowaway. Too bad for her she's stowed away on a smugglers' ship, and the fearsome Targuar pirate captain, Jargo, is none too pleased about it. Fortunately for Xana, a new position has just opened up in his crew and Jargo would like to fill it. Will Xana bend to satisfy Jargo's demands, or is she going to find herself getting stuffed out an airlock?

Follow the adventures of Xana as she goes where no woman has ever gone before, exploring the frontiers of both outer and inner space in her effort to help Jargo and his band of curiously sexy aliens fight an empire of evil using the only weapon she has: her voluptuous, nubile body.

This 13,100 word (39+ page) erotica short is the first in a new series of hot, hard, kinky, and sometimes downright weird interstellar, interspecies alien encounters.

Xana leaned forward, shutting her eyes. Her lips found Jargo's and they responded eagerly. They were soft, warm lips, with a sultry, musky flavor that made her tingle from head to toe.

Jargo tightened his grip on her hips, pulling her down as he thrust his own hips up into her, pressing hard against her. Xana ran her fingers through Jargo's thick, soft hair, holding his strong jaw with her other hand. She tilted her head and opened her mouth and Jargo opened his and their tongues met in soft, wet caresses. Xana felt her excitement mounting rapidly. She liked very much the way Jargo tasted, and the way that he smelled, and the incredible size and strength of his body. She realized with a start that she was grinding on top of him, rubbing against him like a cat in heat.

She broke away, feeling vaguely ashamed of herself. This man wasn't even the same species. He was practically an animal. And yet she suddenly wanted to feel him inside of her, thrusting.

"Is everything okay?" said Jargo, his brow furrowed with concern.

Xana nodded, looking down bashfully. "It's just ... been a while," she said.

"Have you ever been with a non-human?" said Jargo.

Xana shook her head. "To be honest, I've never even considered it. Nothing personal. It just always seemed too strange to me."

Jargo gave her a wry smile. "It can take some getting used to," he said. "But you do get used to it. There's something exciting about exploring an alien body. There's always something new to discover..."

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Alien Bodies: Episode Two: Ninx

Alien Bodies: Episode Two: Ninx

alien erotica, interspecies sex, science fiction, space pirates

Length: novelette (12,300 words, approx 37+ pages)

It's time for Xana's physical, but is she ready to be disrobed and probed by a strange alien doctor? Fortunately for Xana, Dr. Ninx has magic fingers that leave her gasping and panting for more. And his fingers are just the beginning!

Follow Xana as she goes where no woman has ever gone before, exploring the limits of both outer and inner space in her effort to help Jargo and his band of curiously sexy aliens fight an empire of evil using the only weapon she has: her voluptuous, nubile body.

This 12,300 word (37+ page) erotica short is the second in a new series of hot, hard, kinky, and sometimes downright weird interstellar, interspecies alien encounters.

Xana chewed her lip, glancing nervously over at the door. "Does your office have a lock?" she said in a timid voice.

Doctor Ninx chuckled. "So, someone still has a hankering for Poglin love, does she?"

Xana looked away sheepishly. "Well, for the experience, you know," she muttered.

"Ah yes, for the experience," Ninx said, laughing. "Come on, you little Polemian minx. Let's make this a little more private."

Ninx helped her up off the examination table and led her by the hand to his office. The office was very small and cramped, stacked high with boxes and containers of all sorts. Xana guessed they were more medical supplies. There was an old-fashioned wooden desk facing a little window that looked out on the door to the infirmary. The blinds were open a crack, but Ninx pressed a button, closing them. A soft, buttery light from a lamp made the room feel oddly warm and cozy.

"There, that's a little better," Ninx said, shutting the door behind them. "No one will disturb us now."

Xana smiled at him.

"So, now that you're feeling a little more adventurous, would you like to try something new?" The doctor was smiling slyly at her.

"Um, sure," she said, a nervous tingle of excitement rushing through her.

"There's no bed in here, obviously," said Ninx, "so we'll have to use the desk. Turn around and bend over the desk."

Xana's stomach squirmed apprehensively.

"I promise, it won't hurt. You'll enjoy it," Ninx said, reassuringly.

Xana regarded him skeptically but did as instructed. She turned to the desk and leaned down over the empty half of it, resting her stomach on its surface with her legs spread. She wrapped her hands around the far edge of the desk, holding on as if she might fall off. She suddenly became very aware of how exposed and vulnerable she was.

"This might tickle a little," said Ninx, by way of warning.

The next moment, Xana felt the warm, slippery tip of his finger pressing against her...

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Angels of Flesh

Angels of Flesh

paranormal romance, angels, breeding, horrorotica

Length: short novel (45,000 words, approx 135+ pages)

The flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak.

Though his friends call him Basar, Basarel is no ordinary angel. Before he Ascended, he was an ordinary man and the worst of philanderers. Now that he's reformed, he takes his duties very seriously. Which is why he doesn't take kindly to the attempt on Angela's life by a mysterious assailant in a hoodie.

Granted, Angela shouldn't have been walking alone through a parking garage in the middle of the night, but nobody's perfect, least of all the woman whose commitment to work has already cost her a marriage and any hope she had of starting a family. But this not-so-chance encounter is about to take Angela's life in a new and surprising direction, introducing her to a world of angels and devils, in which down is up, black is white, and it's not always easy to tell the saints from the sinners.

The world's supernatural underbelly -- invisible to all but the most sensitive humans -- is filled with demons, dream worlds, and occult powers. But it's no fairytale: violence, perversion, and bone-chilling terror are all a part of life for the spiritually blighted. Basar -- Angela's would-be guardian angel -- is about to have a real fight on his hands with some of the sickest, cruelest psychopaths he's ever encountered.

The war between Heaven and Hell is heating up. At stake are the souls of every man and woman on Earth; the battlefield, their too-temptable bodies. Something must be done, and it's up to Basar to make it happen. Is Angela strong enough to accept the conditions of his unusual proposal, or will she return to the safe, soulless conformity of her dreary previous life, blissfully sheltered from the growing metaphysical chaos surrounding her?

Angela's about to discover just how persuasive an angel badboy can be...

This is crazy.

Angela pulled the Honda Fit out of the parking lot into the street. She glanced over at the beautiful stranger, her heart thumping hard in her chest. Basar was so big he seemed to fill the car. His hand was resting lightly on his knee; long, strong fingers pale against the fabric of his pants.

He almost killed a man with those hands. Like a grizzly bear swatting a wolf.

She glanced at his face, his flawless, angular profile blocking the light coming in through the window. He was a work of art.

He's right. I am reckless.

"Where am I going?" she said, her hands tightly gripping the wheel. Her knuckles were white.

"Turn right. There's a little Indian place just a few blocks down," he said. "They’re open until 2:00 AM."

And then what?

Her heart thumped harder.

It's not like you can take him home with you, Angela. That's how nice girls get themselves murdered.

She turned the Honda to the right and pulled up to the intersection.

Like you almost were tonight, she thought soberly. She remembered the flash of the knife and felt a sick, squirming sensation in her stomach. Or if not murdered, at least brutally raped.

How had it happened? It seemed unreal, like it had happened to someone else. She couldn't believe she'd come so close to pain, trauma, death. She'd been oblivious, like a swimmer who doesn't know there's a shark diving straight at her.

She remembered the look on the hooded man's face. Pure, unadulterated lust. But more than that. There'd been victory in his eyes as well. Triumph. The gleam of pride. Like the face of Satan himself. She shuddered.

And then this beautiful man saved you, she thought, glancing over at Basar once again. She couldn't keep her eyes off him.

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Beating Hearts

Beating Hearts

zombie apocalypse, erotic horror, reluctant breeding, forced gangbang

Length: short novel (46,000 words, approx 130+ pages)

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Jessie will do whatever it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse and protect her bff Sarah from a gang of hardened, desperate men.

Being the camp girl carries certain responsibilities but the things she picks up along the way turn out to be the ultimate survival skills when their camp is taken over by a rival band of ruthless survivors.

But not everything is grim in the post-apocalyptic world of the walking dead. There is beauty to be found in the tenderness and compassion of others and love and lust seem to be every bit as contagious as the bite of the living undead...

Beating Hearts is a dark, erotic romance novella (46,000 words or 130+ pages) with horror themes. Side-effects may include a racing heart, sweaty palms, and goosebumps.

What would you do to survive a zombie apocalypse? Close your eyes and think.

Imagine you're a woman missing part of one leg and you have to shuffle around on crutches. Imagine that the zombies aren't the slow ones from those old black and white movies, but the fast ones that look like they've been filmed in high-speed.

Now imagine you find yourself trapped in a room with four big, strong, tough-as-nails men and they're all staring down at you with cold, unflinching eyes while an army of corpses tries to beat down the doors.

Imagine what those men are thinking.

"Why should we bother saving her? What can she do that will make her worth all the trouble?"

Imagine all of that and you will understand to some degree the predicament I suddenly found myself in...

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Big Business, Beautiful Curves

Big Business, Beautiful Curves

bbw, billionaire, erotic romance

Length: short story (6,500 words, approx 19+ pages)

Big, brainy Julia's built a comfortable life for herself working for billionaire inventor Travis McGovern. But her cool, professional exterior conceals a vulnerable interior. When her hot boss comes looking for a new financial assistant, he's got his eyes on more than her work history. It doesn't take Julia long to discover that her beautiful curves are going to get her more than a big promotion.

This 6,500 word BBW billionaire romance contains hot, hardcore couplings, an erotic peepshow, getting caught, giving and receiving oral, wild consensual sex, and a more than generous handful of curves.

"Please don't be embarrassed," he said. "You're much too beautiful to be ashamed."

His words were excruciating. The teasing promise of being thought beautiful by this man created a bloom of hope and possibility that, beneath so much crushing humiliation, was too much to bear.

"Please," I whispered, trying to bury my face in the wall. "Please just go away," I said. I could feel the tears running down my face.

A light touch on my shoulder made me jump.

"Julia." Travis's voice was soft, gentle. There was no trace of mockery or disappointment, the reactions I deserved, only a devastating, unjustifiable note of concern. "You've nothing to be afraid of. I'm not here to reject you." He didn't sound like the nervous thinker on the elevator, but a warm, comforting presence in the dark.

I turned my head. I knew I must look horrible in the dim light, like a ghost, with my mascara running down my cheeks, eyes red and watery, blubbering like a child.

He smiled, brushing a strand of hair from my face.

"Let me even the score," he said. He turned and walked several paces into the room, standing in the middle of a beam of orange light, the last triumphant rays of the sun. Then he started to undress...

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Bred by the Minotaur

Bred by the Minotaur

monster sex, forced breeding, virgin, dubious consent

Length: short story (6,300 words, approx 18+ pages)

After the overthrow of her father, King Kithron, the Bull Mothers name Teikra, a virgin of eighteen winters, the Bride of the Minotaur, an honor which usually results in death. Although determined to resist, Teikra soon discovers that there is more to the beast than meets the eye, and that if she survives the mating ceremony, she might just live to bear the Minotaur's child and win her freedom.

This 6,300 word dubcon adventure includes a reluctant but strong-willed heroine being deflowered by a powerfully built bull minotaur, oral sex, cunnilingus, and inter-species breeding.

It opened it's mouth and something resembling speech came out. "Hukcuk," it said, in a low, bellowing voice, pointing at her and then pointing at the ground.

She studied it's face, but its features were too animal-like. She couldn't understand what it wanted.

"Hukcuk, hukcuk," it said again, repeating the gesture impatiently. She wondered if it wanted her to remove her robe and throw it on the ground, or if it wanted her to get on her knees. In all likelihood, both.

"No," she said, backing up and shaking her head. "I won't."

"Hukcuk!" it demanded.

"You hukcuk!" she shouted back at him, trembling with fear and outrage. How dare this monstrosity make such demands of a princess, to treat her like a common whore. Former princess, she remembered with chagrin. This had been her choice: death, or sacrifice.

It's tail twitched and something like a smile broke across it's face. It snorted, crunching stones under its hooves as it advanced on her. Teikra tried not to look between its legs...

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Bred by the Minotaur 2

Bred by the Minotaur 2

monster sex, pregnancy, gangbang, dubious consent

Length: novelette (11,000 words, approx 33+ pages)

Now heavy with child, Teikra faces a minotaur uprising inspired by the sudden appearance of a rival den of Bull Mothers. To ensure the safety of her unborn child, Teikra must win the favor of her mate's people by surrendering her pregnant body to a series of powerful bull males in an unusual ritual. Will her suitors be able to keep their animal instincts in check or be overwhelmed with desire?

This 11,000 word erotic forced pregnancy fantasy adventure and sequel to Bred by the Minotaur and Forced to Mate with the Minotaurs involves a young, pregnant woman reluctantly engaging in an interspecies gangbang with massive bull male minotaurs. It includes bondage, group sex, dubious consent, oral sex, cunnilingus, deepthroating, anal sex, and double penetration.

Teikra heard hooves grinding on the stone floor behind her and her heart began hammering in her chest. There was a low snort and then a grunt, a little more distant. The First Mother had said there would be three...

Something soft and hairy brushed against her thigh, making her heart skip a beat. She could hear the beast's breathing and feel the blast of hot, damp breath on her back. She wanted to turn and look, but the pillory held her fast. She had no way to move or defend herself.

Teikra felt the creature's wet snout brushing the soft curves of her thighs and buttocks, rooting around in her sex, sniffing, inhaling her scent. She shivered involuntarily, her whole body quaking at the touch...

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Bred by the Troll

Bred by the Troll

monster sex, forced breeding, dubious consent

Length: short story (4,700 words, approx 14+ pages)

While hunting witches, Gretchen stumbles across a monster of a different sort: a large, powerful troll. An unsuccessful attempt to dispatch the beast forces Gretchen into an awkward position: the troll has decided that, rather than kill her and eat her, he'd like to breed her. Powerless to resist, Gretchen quickly realizes that failing to kill the brute was the best mistake she's ever made.

This 4,700 word monster sex fantasy includes fingering, cunnilingus, oral sex, anal sex, and forced interspecies breeding between a troll and a reluctant demon hunter.

She landed hard on her back with a grunt and the creature fell on top of her, knocking the wind out of her. The boards beneath them gave way and they fell together into the room below, landing on a bed. The lumpy, goose down mattress broke their fall, but the bed caved under their combined weight, the frame splintering and collapsing with a loud crack.

Gretchen tried to breathe, but the creature was smothering her. Her arms were trapped at her sides, locked in the troll's iron embrace.

The beast snorted, a malicious grin spreading across his face, exposing a row of large teeth. The canines were pointed like fangs.

She'd fallen with her legs spread, her long leather jack riding up around her hips, the weight of the beast pressing firmly down on her crotch. She struggled to free herself, but her movements only seemed to excite the beast. She felt a large lump growing longer and harder between his legs.

"Get off of me!" she hissed, wiggling in its grip.

The beast shook its head. "Girl dangerous," it said in a deep, bass voice.

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Breeding the Bad Girl

Breeding the Bad Girl

spanking, forced breeding, dubious consent, dark erotica

Length: novelette (11,000 words, approx 33+ pages)

Hailey has always been a bit of a wild child, but Professor Antonio has been like a father to her ever since she became best friends with his daughter. When she asks him for an extension on an assignment, she's more than a little surprised by his demands. It seems he's a little upset about the events of Spring Break and he's determined to make her punishment fit the crime--by impregnating her.

This 11,000 word dark erotica story about a professor and his very naughty student contains dubious consent, domination and submission themes, humiliation, rough spanking, slapping, deepthroating, and reluctant breeding sex. Warning! The action in this story may be too hot, too hard, and too heavy for some readers! You've been warned!

"I hope you don't think that I'm a bad man, Hailey," he said, rubbing his forehead. "I'm not. I'm just very, very, very disappointed in you."

I nodded, looking down at my feet.

"Now, would you like to make it up to me?"

I nodded again. The pain in my buttocks was fierce. I didn't want to go through another round of that and was willing to do anything he said.


I looked up. He was smiling.

I waited for some sort of sign, but he just stood there and stared at me, waiting. I didn't know what to do, how to win his approval. Slowly, cautiously, on intuition, I sank to my knees in front of him.

He put his hand on my head and stroked my hair.

"Good girl."

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Bride of the Centaur

Bride of the Centaur

monster sex, forced breeding, virgin, dubious consent

Length: novelette (14,000 words, approx 40+ pages)

To honor their ancient treaty with the centaurs, the village has given Fiedrah, a virgin in her eighteenth summer, as a tribute bride to Anult, their greatest warrior. Although terrified of their wild and brutal ways, Fiedrah soon discovers that there is much beauty in their way of life and that being forced to bear the children of a creature who is half man and half beast carries its own rewards.

This 14,000 word erotic fantasy adventure includes an innocent and reluctant heroine being publicly deflowered by a powerful centaur warrior, exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, dubious consent, oral sex, cunnilingus, and inter-species breeding.

The two attendants who had dragged the throne into the circle seized the straps and bound my wrists, neck, waist, and thighs to the throne. Their hands moved quickly and expertly, careful not to injure me, but certain to make the fittings tight. When they were finished, I tested the restraints and the realization of my absolute immobility triggered a wave of panic. A cool breeze tickling the hairs in my private parts made me realize just how vulnerable I was. I struggled and whined, suddenly afraid. I was completely powerless and at their mercy.

Anult knelt down next to me, brushing away a loose strand of hair. "Don't be afraid, little fawn. The bindings are for your own protection. Since this is your first time, it's important that you don't move around too much. I don't want to hurt you."

I nodded.

"Do you trust me?" he asked. His eyes looked gray in the darkness, but reflected the dancing flames of the fire.

"Yes," I managed to say.

He smiled slightly and began to rise.


He hesitated.

"Will you kiss me?"

He smiled. The sight of his beautiful face, his loving eyes, were more than enough reward to me. He leaned down and our lips touched.

A heat like a long tongue of flame swept from my mouth to my loins. His lips were soft and smooth, and the smell and taste of him awakened a desire in me that I barely knew existed. I tried to prolong the kiss, to hold onto his lips with my own, but he pulled away, gently placing his palm against my cheek.

"It's time, little one."

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Bride of the Manticore

Bride of the Manticore

monster sex, forced breeding, dubious consent

Length: novelette (12,000 words, approx 36+ pages)

According to legend, the Manticore is a beast with the body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the head of a man. After a terrifying attack on her camp, Dilora flees into the desert, desperate to avoid the fate of her fellow travelers, only to be confronted by the legendary monster. The Manticore gives her a choice: share the fate of her companions or submit to him and bear his children.

This 12,000 word forced breeding fantasy adventure includes cunnilingus, oral sex, shifter sex, and a reluctant but brave heroine being impregnated by a magical creature. Not for the squeamish!

"I can make you happy," he says, kissing the throbbing vein in my neck. "I can give you pleasure, wealth, comfort, security --" His hands move down from my shoulders to my waist and then gradually slide to my front. "But I can't do any of that unless you agree to my proposal."

I try to pull away but his grip grows tighter, pulling me against him. His hands are on my belly, low, just inches above my sex. I can feel his long, hard appendage pressing into my back. A wave of heat flashes through me, making my legs tremble and my heart pound like a drum. The crease between my thighs is suddenly hot and damp. I try to remember that he's a monster, that this isn't his real form, but a mirage designed to mislead and betray me.

I grab his wrists, stopping his hands. "I told you I need time."

"I'm not forcing you to make your decision now," he murmurs, kissing me behind the ear. "This is just a taste of what I offer. I can't expect you to make your decision without knowing what's at stake."

His fingers curl around the fabric of my robe and I feel a tingle run over my skin, as if the air is alive. My robe falls from my body, as if it has no more substance than a dream.

"How dare you --" I turn to him in surprise, but he presses his finger to my lips.

"Don't speak, Dilora. Relax."

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Cherry Float

Cherry Float

first time, breeding, daddy daughter sex, pseudo-incest

Length: novelette (12,000 words, approx 36+ pages)

Kayla is an eighteen year old virgin with a secret: she's in love with her stepfather. Although she's afraid of losing her virginity, and terrified that her stepdad will reject her if she reveals her feelings for him, she's determined to overcome her fears and experience sex for the first time, even if it means she has to force the man of her dreams to take notice. Having his baby is just a bonus.

This 12,000 word pseudoincest erotic short story contains taboo bareback first time breeding sex between an eighteen year old girl and her stepfather, handjobs, fingering, oral, cunnilingus, and lots of teenage hormones and insecurity.

I climb out, taking each step slowly, and walk across the hot concrete to the diving board like a model on a catwalk. I climb the steps, walk the plank, bounce once, splash.

I do it again.

I'm hoping if I do it enough, my bathing suit will come untied. Maybe it will fall off. That will get my stepfather's attention.

By my sixth dive, he's making his way outside. When I come up for air, he has his shirt off.

"Come in!" I shout, waving him in with a smile. "The water's perfect."

He's hesitating on the side of the pool. Is it my imagination or are his trunks a little tighter than usual...?

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Dawn's Big Black Adventure: Part One: The Pick-Up

Dawn's Big Black Adventure: The Pick-Up

bbw, big black cock, double penetration, interracial threesome

Length: novelette (13,700 words, approx 41+ pages)

Big, beautiful Dawn has no idea that she's about to go on the ride of her life when her car breaks down on the wrong side of town. Dawn's always been a good girl, careful not to offend and putting everyone else first, so when the two hot, buff black men that come to give her a tow are suddenly eager to satisfy her every desire -- including a few that she didn't even know that she had -- what's a lonely white woman to do?

This 13,000 word (40+ page) erotic BBW / BBC mfm interracial threesome about a curvy white girl and her two black bulls contains very explicit language and a completely different spin on 'double parking'.

Dawn felt a hand on her thigh. It was Higgs, reaching over from the other side. His hand felt so big, so heavy, so strong. She tore herself away from Coby and turned to kiss his friend, placing her hand on his fine, strong jaw as their lips came together in a warm, soft embrace. The taste and smell of Higgs -- so similar and yet so distinct from Coby -- was all the more intoxicating, blending as it did with her still-vivid impressions of the other man.

Coby's hand suddenly appeared on her breast, squeezing it gently through her blouse. He kneaded her flesh, his thumb rubbing over her nipple through the fabric of her top and her bra. Higgs reached down and grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up, assisting his friend so that Coby could slide his hand inside, bypassing the first layer of cloth. She felt the warm tips of his fingers caress her skin over the top edge of her bra and little shivers passed through her. She felt her body responding enthusiastically to his caress, preparing itself to receive him.

Dawn reached timidly down into Higgs's lap, searching. She found a lump down there, a long shape stretching a good way down his thigh. At first she didn't believe what her fingers were telling her, but a firm squeeze of her hand confirmed her initial impression. She could feel his glans right through the fabric of his jeans.

Oh God, it’s so big!

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Dawn's Big Black Adventure: Part Two: Under the Hood

Dawn's Big Black Adventure 2: Under the Hood

bbw, big black cock, double penetration, interracial threesome

Length: novelette (12,700 words, approx 38+ pages)

Coby and Higgs are back ... and they're introducing big, beautiful Dawn to two of their friends!

If Dawn thought she was lucky to get a tow from two of the hottest, buffest black guys she's ever laid eyes on, she can't believe her good fortune when the gorgeous, sexy mechanics working on her car turn out to be every bit as accommodating. Everyone in the neighborhood seems to be pulling together to make sure she gets her motor running! But is her toolbox big enough to hold their tools?

This 12,000 word (38+ page) erotic BBW / BBC mfm interracial threesome about a curvy white girl and her FOUR black Bulls contains detailed (and very explicit) instructions about the best way to show your mechanics just how much you appreciate all their hard work.

"Please," she repeated, moving her hand further up his thigh. "Let me pay you back. Ten minutes of ... attention ... in exchange for all your hard labor." She gave his leg a light squeeze.

Dawn could tell Trip was resisting her with all his might. He wanted to do the right thing, and the right thing in his mind would be to not take advantage of one of his customers. She knew that if she left it to him, he'd say no and she'd go home feeling guilty, embarrassed, and frustrated.

"I'm not going to take no for an answer," she said, putting her hand on his crotch. She felt the lump under his coveralls with a sweet shiver of pleasure. "Don't you want a satisfied customer?" she said, curling her fingers around him and giving him a squeeze. She felt Trip's erection grow and stiffen in her palm. It felt ... really large. "Dawn," Trip started, getting ready to reject her offer. Dawn knew that it was his stupid feeling of propriety rejecting her, not his body, which was clearly on board with the idea.

She put her free hand over Trip's mouth and started to rub and grope the lump in his crotch more vigorously.

"Shh shh," she said, smiling. "It'll be our little secret. You don't have to move a muscle. Just sit back and enjoy yourself."

Dawn grabbed the zipper of Trip's coveralls and unzipped him. He was wearing a faded yellow t-shirt underneath, a band shirt for some reggae band she'd never heard of. She ran her hand over his shirt, feeling the muscles underneath. She could smell his soap and deodorant and the faint trace of his musk, now unleashed from confinement in the coveralls. She slipped her hand down inside the front of his coveralls and found his underwear. He was wearing boxers and she could feel his erection clearly through the thin fabric. It felt positively massive. She wrapped her fingers around it. It was like a cucumber.

Jesus Christ. Dawn really had bitten off more than she could chew...

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Dawn's Big Black Adventure: Part Three: The Birthday Present

Dawn's Big Black Adventure 3: The Birthday Party

bbw, interracial gangbang, triple-penetration

Length: novella (22,100 words, approx 66+ pages)

Big, beautiful Dawn feels like a queen with Coby, Higgs, Antoine, and Trip at her beck and call, but she's about to find out what bliss truly feels like when her four handsome, well-equipped black lovers invite her to their old friend Rufus's birthday party.

Rufus is getting more than a cake for his birthday, and Dawn has been asked to do the honors. What starts out as a private show for a group of friends turns into the wildest night of Dawn's -- or almost anyone else's -- life! Dawn is used to taking them two at a time, but is she ready to blow out five big, black candles?!

This 22,100 word (66+ page) highly explicit BBW / BBC mmfmmm interracial group encounter between a curvy white girl and her FIVE black Bulls has sexiness in spades and is sure to do more than raise your eyebrows.

"Do you like what you see?" she whispered, putting her lips to his ear.

Rufus nodded, never taking his eyes from her breasts.

Dawn smiled and got up, looking around at the other men. A new song had started, with a similar, but, if anything, even more sensual beat. The men were no longer cheering and hooting the way they had been before; instead, their faces had that same intense, hungry expression that Rufus's face had. The sexual tension in the air was so thick it was almost suffocating. It felt ... predatory. They outnumbered her five to one. Dawn wasn't sure she could make it out of the room now if she tried. The men had sex on the brain, and she could see by the set of their faces that they were determined to have their lust satisfied tonight, one way or other. Dawn had never felt so vulnerable or exposed in her life and felt a momentary doubt. What had she gotten herself into? Had this been a terrible idea? Was she really going to go through with it? Could she even say no at this point?

But Dawn had needs of her own.

Once again she lowered herself over Rufus's lap, her back to him, holding onto his knees as she gyrated. She lowered herself even more, until she felt the lacy crotch of her g-string brushing over the fabric of his shorts.

"Lower," Rufus urged in a quiet, desperate voice.

Dawn lowered herself until she could feel their bodies touching through the fabric. The lump in his shorts was unmistakable now, pressed up against her almost naked sex. She slowly and rhythmically rubbed herself against the long, stiff bulge, moaning softly. She knew now that things had progressed beyond the point of no return. She'd made her intentions clear; there was no going back...

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Forced to Mate with the Centaurs

Forced to Mate with the Centaurs

(aka Mounted and Bred by the Centaurs at Amazon)

monster sex, forced breeding, virgin, dubious consent

Length: novelette (14,000 words, approx 40+ pages)

When Eslyn and Arlo find themselves caught in the middle of a brutal war between the humans and the centaurs, they must find a way to make themselves useful to their captors. Arlo can show the centaurs the best place to lay an ambush for the king, but what can Eslyn, a simple peasant girl, hope to offer a rough band of warrior beast men other than her fertile, nubile body...and her innocence?

This 14,000 word erotic fantasy adventure includes a resourceful but reluctant heroine being mounted, deflowered, and impregnated by a group of powerful centaur warriors, gangbangs, dubious consent, oral sex, cunnilingus, and interspecies breeding.

"This looks like a good spot," said her mount, circling around the fallen log. "Yes, the perfect height."

"The perfect height for what?"

"Just get off," he said, tugging her arm.

She scrambled from his back to the log.

"Lay down," he ordered.


"Yes, on the log. Get on your belly and hug it."

She gave him a skeptical look but did as he asked.

The tree had been stripped of its bark and the wood beneath was cool and slightly rough, but it wasn't uncomfortable. She gripped the trunk of the tree between her thighs and held on to the branches. The nameless centaur stepped over the bole, straddling it, and walked carefully up its length until he was immediately behind and above her. She could feel the heat of his body and the hairs of his horse belly tickling her back...

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Forced to Mate with the Mermen

Forced to Mate with the Mermen

(aka Mounted and Bred by the Mermen at Amazon)

monster sex, forced breeding, dubious consent

Length: novella (25,000 words, approx 75+ pages)

With Chalcis and Eretria on the verge of war, Nerida embarks on her plan to steal the Conch of Triton from the Temple of Amphitrite. The Conch, imbued with Triton's powers, could literally turn the tides of war and save her city. There's only one catch: the temple is located on Antimilos, an island sacred to the mer -- and the mermen don't take kindly to visitors.

After a series of misadventures, including an encounter with the smolderingly seductive but brutal merman Xenius and a pair of mythological sea monsters, the plucky tomb raider's luck at last runs dry and she finds herself entangled in a merman's net. The penalty for desecrating the temple is death, but there's a loophole: the guardians won't kill a woman with a merman's baby in her belly...

This 25,000 word erotic high fantasy adventure contains explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse between a woman and several hunky mermen.

There was a loud splash behind me and a cascade of water rippled over the tiles around my feet. My heart skipped a beat. It was too late.

I turned, not knowing what to expect, and found myself face to face with another merman. This one was more muscular than the last, its skin a little darker, deeply tanned, its powerful torso glistening with moisture. It had black hair as well, but this one's hair was cut short to the ears and hung slightly over its eyes. Its scales were a dark turquoise, almost black, and in the dim light they gleamed like gems.

I took a step back and slipped on the tiles, landing with a wet smack against the smooth stones. I grunted, pain shooting through my tail bone as the merman slithered out of the pool and onto the tiles, flicking a spray of water across the room with its crescent fin. Though its upper body was no larger than that of a powerful man's, the sinuous, serpentine tail gave it a ponderous mass.

It must weight as much as a horse.

I scrambled backward, like a crab, and the merman darted forward, looming above me like a cobra. It dropped, forcing me down onto my back, hovering a few inches over my body.

"Well, what do we have here?" said the merman with a voice that was almost a hiss.

I held my hands against his cool, wet skin and tried to push him away. The muscles in his chest rippled and steely hands closed around my wrists, forcing them up over my head. The weight of his body slithered between my legs, forcing them apart, and bore down on me, pinning me to the tiled floor. I struggled, briefly but intensely, but my efforts were futile. It was like trying to arm wrestle Hercules. The merman forced my hands together and bound both my wrists between the fingers of one of his large hands.

"Let me go," I said, frightened but defiant.

"Do you know what the penalty for being caught in the temple is?" he said in a low, silky voice...

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Forced to Mate with the Minotaurs

Forced to Mate with the Minotaurs

(aka Mounted and Bred by the Minotaurs at Amazon)

monster sex, forced breeding, dubious consent

Length: novelette (9,200 words, approx 27+ pages)

Seeking alms in the city, the widow Lanara unwittingly earns the ire of a princess and finds herself locked in a cage beneath the arena. Unfortunately, she's not alone, and the two bull minotaurs who share her cell are determined to lock horns to see who will win the right to breed her. Using the only thing she has--her fertile, nubile body--Lanara must find some way to tame the raging beasts.

This 9,200 word erotic fantasy adventure includes a strong heroine being forced to mate with two powerfully built bull minotaurs, oral sex, cunnilingus, anal sex, double-penetration, and interspecies breeding.

"I've done nothing wrong," she said. "You have to let me out of here. There's been a mistake."

"No mistake, girl. A mistake would be letting you out. That would be a mistake. Good way to lose your head, if you know what I mean."


There was a loud bellow from behind the men and the sound of stomping hooves. The gap-toothed man turned and yanked on the chains.

"Settle down, you dung-eating cows!"

"Come on, let's get this over with," said the other man, pulling a large key ring from his belt.

She felt an icy chill seize her. "What do you mean? Get what over with?"

The man with the keys gave his partner a sly look and then smiled coldly. "The princess has requested She wants you to entertain a couple of her prize champions for an evening or two. A reward for good behavior." He pushed the key into the lock and twisted it with a huff. There was a loud clank.

"I don't understand..." she said, her voice trailing off. She watched as the gap-toothed man wrapped the chains around his hands and pulled on them with all his might, the muscles of his arms and legs straining.

The first man took a whip from his belt and snapped it. "Come on, you dumb brutes, we haven't got all day."

She heard deep, guttural sounds, like the grunts and snorts of cattle, and a pair of beasts shambled into view. Lanara gasped and stumbled away from the bars...

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Geek Girl Fantasy

Geek Girl Fantasy (with Cassandra Zara)

exhibitionism, role-playing, outdoor sex, gangbang, dubious consent

Length: novelette (9,800 words, approx 29+ pages)

Olivia loves to an elven enchantress. But this time her desperate need for attention--and provocative attire--have taken things too far. Inflamed by her physical charms, her four male friends decide to take their boring tabletop adventures to a whole new level, living out their wildest fantasies, and showing her the real meaning of playing by the rules...whether she wants to or not!

This 9,800 word story features a party of adventurers getting into all sorts of trouble, including exhibitionism, sexy role-playing, dubious consent, and a gangbang featuring multiple creampies!

Dan stood, smiling at Will. Olivia had an uncomfortable thought that this was what they had planned all along. She struggled a little, but small body's strength was no match for Todd and Steve. Dan and Will walked back to her.

"Surrender, mortal!" Will said, resuming his ridiculous lich voice.

Olivia struggled, but they used both hands to hold her. At that moment, a strange yearning came over her. Instead of screaming for help, or biting and kicking, she felt herself surrendering. A longing that she'd been denying herself for too long took over. "Make me," she said, suddenly, in a husky voice.

Will's face flushed. Her words gripped their collective fantasy by the balls and made it real. For once, he looked confused and uncertain. There was an awkward moment of silence. Suddenly, Dan grabbed her face and turned it towards his. His cold, blue eyes pierced into her soul, and she felt at once that she was powerless to resist. "You will submit!" he said, his voice full of command.

She nearly melted at his words, and felt her loins growing moist and warm. However, she managed to stay in character. "Eloryl submits to no one!" she said, her voice wavering.

She didn't really like any of these men, but something about the scenario was incredibly arousing. She didn't understand what was happening to her; her smug feeling of superiority over the boys was transforming itself into a craven desire to be dominated by them. Todd and Steve seemed to be as confused and uncertain about the situation as Will was. They'd gotten themselves into something they'd dreamed about since the day they met her, but didn't know what to do with her now that they had her where they wanted her. Dan, however, knew exactly what he was doing.

"Get on your knees," Dan said, commanding her again. When she didn't move, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down...

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Get Out of My Bedroom Volume 1

Get Out of My Bedroom! Vol 1

Taboo Tales of Forbidden Lust

taboo, pseudo-incest, bareback, blackmail

Length: short story (5,800 words, approx 17+ pages)

What's a girl to do when she's living at home and raging with hormones -- especially if she's been caught with a bag full of suspicious-looking green stuff? If you're Hailey, you do what you have to do to keep people quiet -- even if it means indulging in shocking and risky behavior with someone you shouldn't!

Volume 1 of the Get Out of My Bedroom! Series is a 5,800 word erotic short that breaks all the rules by exploring one of the most popular erotica kinks of all time. Indulge in your deepest, darkest, naughtiest, taboo fantasies!

"Let me see your pussy," he said.


My stepbrother was still squeezing my breasts and sucking my nipples and at first I wasn't sure I'd heard him correctly.

"I want to see your pussy," he said, repeating himself. "I want to lick it."

"No!" I said, pretending to be scandalized. My protest came across a trifle weakly. I knew I should have pushed him away at that point but I suddenly seemed to lack the willpower.

"I'll go down on you. Come on, Hailey; it's a win, win. You let me eat you out and I swear I'll shut up about the drugs."

My pussy was tingling so bad it hurt, and my panties were absolutely drenched. I knew it was a bad idea -- a terrible, awful idea -- but the thought of having my brother's head buried between my legs, his sexy lips sucking on my clit, his long tongue buried in my vagina, was too tempting to resist.

"Promise me you won't tell dad about the drugs," I said, running my hands through his thick hair.

"I promise."

"Okay," I said, breathing hard...

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Get Out of My Bedroom Volume 2

Get Out of My Bedroom! Vol 2

Taboo Tales of Forbidden Lust

taboo, pseudo-incest, first time anal, blackmail

Length: short story (7,500 words, approx 22+ pages)

Nichole is a good girl who likes to play violin. But she has a diary full of dirty fantasies about a certain local rock star who's been forced to move home after some trouble with his landlord. What's a girl to do when the sexy singer uncovers her secrets and threatens to expose her shocking, submissive, taboo desires to everyone she knows? Give in to them, that's what!

Volume 2 of the Get Out of My Bedroom! Series is a 7,500 word erotic short that continues to break all the rules by exploring one of the most popular erotica kinks of all time. Surrender to your deepest, darkest, naughtiest urges!

"You can't be serious," I said, chin trembling.

He placed my hand on his thigh, very close to his crotch. "I'm only trying to help."

I pulled my hand away with a jerk. "It's sick. It's wrong! It's disgusting!" A small part of me wondered whether I was saying it for his benefit or my own.

"Not my fantasy," Carter said, shrugging.

"I'm not going to do ... that," I said.

"What? Suck me off? I don't know how anyone who can write about going ass to mouth in their diary can have trouble saying something like blowjob."

I gasped, blanching with mortification. He read that?!

He strummed a few more notes and continued. "I don't know what the big deal is, anyway," he said philosophically. "You want to do it. You said so yourself. Or rather, you wrote about it. A lot. Daily, I think. I'm just trying to help you live out your dreams."

All this talk of fellating my brother was making me tingle in a way I found very distressing.

"I'll tell you what," Carter continued, indifferent to my internal dilemma. "I'll make you a deal. You suck my dick, and I won't tell mom and dad that their daughter's a horrible pervert..."

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Get Out of My Bedroom Volume 3

Get Out of My Bedroom! Vol 3

Taboo Tales of Forbidden Lust

taboo, pseudo-incest, reluctant sex, blackmail

Length: short story (6,300 words, approx 18+ pages)

Coming home early after yet another unsuccessful date, Melissa catches a boy snooping in her bedroom -- and it's not the first time! What starts out as a friendly holiday visit from a loved one turns into something much more exciting when he threatens to expose her secret career as a camgirl to the very people putting a roof over her head. What's a girl to do but give in to the handsome young man's long pent-up desire to dominate her?

Volume 3 of the Get Out of My Bedroom! Series is a 6,300 word erotic short that continues to break all the rules by exploring one of the most popular erotica kinks of all time. Indulge in your deepest, darkest, naughtiest, taboo fantasies!

"You want a show? Is that what you want? You want me to strip down? To see your own sister naked?" I said. My voice started out with a tremble, but by the time I was finished speaking it was as soft and smooth as silk.

Charlie nodded, his face intent, glowing with barely suppressed lust. There was still a lump in his pants, and he wasn't bothering to hide it.

I stepped over to him and leaned down, exposing my cleavage as I rested my hands on his thighs just above the knees. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"Are you sure you can handle it, big brother?" I said, sliding my hand up his thigh.

"Why don't you find out?" he whispered back...

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Get Out of My Bedroom Bundle

Get Out of My Bedroom! Bundle Vol 1-3

Taboo Tales of Forbidden Lust

taboo, pseudo-incest, stepbrother stepsister sex, blackmail

Length: 3 short stories (19,600 words, approx 55+ pages)

The Get Out of My Bedroom! Bundle contains all 3 of the GOoMB! stories. 3 hot, sexy stories about barely legal stepsisters being blackmailed into hardcore bareback sex with their smokin hot stepbrothers. Check the descriptions above for more details and excerpts.

"You want a show? Is that what you want? You want me to strip down? To see your own sister naked?" I said. My voice started out with a tremble, but by the time I was finished speaking it was as soft and smooth as silk.

Charlie nodded, his face intent, glowing with barely suppressed lust. There was still a lump in his pants, and he wasn't bothering to hide it.

I stepped over to him and leaned down, exposing my cleavage as I rested my hands on his thighs just above the knees. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"Are you sure you can handle it, big brother?" I said, sliding my hand up his thigh.

"Why don't you find out?" he whispered back...

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Heaven's Harlot

Heaven's Harlot

paranormal, reluctant, public sex, humiliation, alpha males

Length: novella (28,000 words, approx 80+ pages)

Can risky sex with dangerous felons lead to their redemption? According to the Angelic Order of Desire, a clandestine organization of angels created to battle the forces of darkness, the devil's been working overtime to strengthen his army for the coming apocalypse by binding the spirits of demons to hardened criminals. Unfortunately for the angels, the only way to break the connection is to hit them when they're at their weakest: in the throws of orgasm. To do that, they need the help of human agents.

To the guilt-ridden conscience of a pastor's ex-wife, working as an undercover Christian sex soldier seems like a fitting punishment for her sins. There's only one catch: according to the experts, she might just be losing her mind. Can hot, hard-core casual sex with cold-blooded killers really lead to her salvation or it is all just an elaborate fantasy inspired by a nervous breakdown?

This 28,000 word paranormal thriller is the first volume of a unique, gritty, urban dark fantasy series. Heaven's Harlot is packed with sexual tension and raw, explicit, scorching hot M/F sex (reluctant sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, anal sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, light dominance/submission, mild public humiliation, interracial sex, etc.), plenty of sexy 'bad boy' alpha males, a strong, complex protagonist with a dark past, a cast of interesting characters, angels and demons, and a highly unusual premise.

(Heavily) Censored Excerpt:

He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the chair, dragging her over to the bed. He shoved her down onto her back and grabbed her ankle, pulling off her shoe. He took off the other one and leaned forward, pushing her skirt up to her waist.

"I do love a woman with class," he said, running his hands over her stockings. He unclipped her suspenders and reached for her panties, pulling them down roughly to her knees. She slipped her feet out, enjoying the thrill of the cool air touching her bare skin. He was looking at her with an approving smile.

He pulled off his shirt, revealing a toned and muscular torso with well-defined abs. Without his shirt on, she realized just how powerful he was. He wasn't huge, but every muscle was clearly defined and tight, like an Olympian's. She watched the muscles rippling under his skin, making the tattoos on his biceps and pecs twist as he crawled onto the bed and felt herself growing wet with excitement. He put his hands on her knees and spread her as wide as she would go, then he ran his tongue along the inside of her thigh.

"I love the way you smell," he said, pressing his tongue against her.

The rush of excitement made her bite her lower lip and close her eyes...

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House of Erotic Horrors

House of Erotic Horrors

horrorotica, paranormal, comedy, Halloween

Length: novel (63,800 words, approx 190+ pages)

Sam, Rowan, Minnie, and Carly are about to get more than they bargained for when they decide to visit Horatio's House of Unspeakable Horrors. What could possibly go wrong for four attractive, scantily-clad young women at Las Vegas's premier Halloween venue?

What begins as good spooky fun spirals rapidly into a wild, steamy, and potentially lethal adventure with four of the most famous silver screen movie icons of all time!

This 63,000 word (190+ page) full-length erotic horror comedy novel is chock full of thrills, chills, and spills and is sure to have you moaning and groaning long into the wee hours of the night.

Sam wanted to explain it all — the butler’s cryptic remarks, the feast, the Count’s protestations — as part of some amazingly elaborate script flawlessly executed by a host of talented actors but she found her ability to sustain such a pretense increasingly difficult. The logical part of her brain wanted to cling to what she knew was sensible, rational, scientific — she wanted to find the hidden springs and pulleys moving the ghosts in this world, to unmask the monster and hear the old man exclaim: “And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” — but the truth was it all felt too seamless, too perfect, too real to be a hoax. Somehow or other — maybe magic was real after all! — she really believed she was in some alternate dimension, that the outrageously handsome man standing before her, bending down to her, his lovely-cruel lips deliciously parted in anxious expectation of a kiss, was really the Count, was really in love with her, and was really about to ravish her, whether she liked it or not.

Sam felt the blood pounding in her veins, the flush of her cheeks, the swirling sensation in her belly. She felt the aching, yearning heat between her legs, the excitement and confusion and joy of being desired so completely by someone she desired so completely — she felt all of it and knew that she was going to succumb one way or another, that her logical, rational mind, her careful, pragmatic, conscientious, prudent, cautious, fastidious judgment was no more a defense against him than that stuffed tiger in the gallery at the bottom of the stairs was a real, living, breathing tiger.

“Vlad, I—” she started, then stopped, her eyes searching his, struggling to find words that could somehow capture the immensity of what she was feeling in that moment, that would fit the circumstances, that wouldn’t offend his pride, that wouldn’t betray her confusion.

But his lips were already upon her...

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I Do Thee Cuck

I Do Thee Cuck

cuckold, cheating, bareback interracial breeding, virgin

Length: novella (18,700 words, approx 56+ pages)

Charity never meant to turn the love of her life into a cuckold, it just happened that way.

Patient, loyal, loving Lilo has a good job and a promising future, and he'd move Heaven and Earth to make his abstinent Christian girlfriend happy. But an unexpected reaction to an experimental superdrug has made Charity allergic to her own fiancé just days before the wedding. Now the poor, devoted groom must watch from the sidelines as his beautiful, blushing bride bares all to a strange man on her wedding night. And they'd been saving themselves for marriage, too!

Will their vows be enough to sustain them as her husband watches a big, black Bull consummate the marriage with his hotwife in his stead? Or will living the life of a cuck -- and the prospect of raising another man's baby -- be too much for him to bear?

This 18,000 word (56+ page) novella is the first in a series about the painful humiliation of being cucked by a gorgeous hotwife. Filled with anonymous sex with well-endowed Bulls, bareback creampies, and pregnancy scares.

"This is outrageous!" Lilo shouted, pointing his finger accusingly at the doctor. "This is all your fault! You doctors and your experimental drugs! I told Charity it was dangerous to get that vaccine!"

"Lilo, stop shouting!" said Charity, mortified by her fiancé's violent reaction. She'd never seen him like this.

Lilo looked at her, breathing hard. For a moment they stared at one another and then he looked down, covering his face with his hands. His shoulders slumped, defeated.

"I'm sorry," he said in a subdued voice. "I'm just worried about you, Charity."

It was Charity's turn to feel contrite. Of course Lilo was worried about her. She would have been yelling at the doctor, too, if their roles had been reversed.

"It's okay, honey. We'll get through this together," she said, trying to be supportive.

"I'm afraid there's more," said the doctor, interrupting.

"Of course there is," Lilo muttered sarcastically.

"In addition to your allergy to your fiancé's sperm, your body has developed a new dependency. I know this will be hard to accept, but ... you've actually acquired a need for sperm. Physiologically, your body depends on it as much now as it depends on water and oxygen. From now on, you're going to need a steady supply of it."

"What?!" Lilo said, gasping.

Charity stared at the doctor, appalled.

"What are you saying?" said Charity, her voice thick with emotion.

"I'm saying that your body will need to absorb sperm on a regular basis. At least once a day, possibly more."

Lilo laughed bitterly.

"But I can't have sex with my fiancé!" said Charity, perplexed.

"No. I'm afraid you'll have to go outside the relationship to meet your requirements..."

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I Do Thee Cuck 2: Big, Black Honeymoon

I Do Thee Cuck 2: Big, Black Honeymoon

cuckold, hotwife, threesome, bareback interracial

Length: novella (30,300 words, approx 90+ pages)

Charity and Lilo are going to Jamaica for their honeymoon, and it's a vacation that neither of them will ever forget. No matter how much Lilo might want to!

Patient, loyal, loving Lilo is footing the bill while his vivacious, beautiful wife has her way with any man who happens to catch her fancy. What's a poor husband to do if his wife's reaction to an experimental superdrug has given her an addiction to the life-giving sustenance of a strange man's sauce?

Charity never meant to turn the love of her life into a cuckold, it just happened that way!

Will their vows be enough to sustain them as her husband watches one big bare Bull after another take his place in the marital bed? Or will living the life of a cuck with a gorgeous, irresistible hotwife -- and the prospect of raising the product of another man's union -- be too much for him to bear?

This 30,000 word (90+ page) novella contains very explicit bbc, bmww, and mfm cheating.

Charity was a good Christian, and had managed to wait until marriage before losing her virginity, but ever since the change, she couldn't stop thinking about sex. Even eating and drinking had become sexually arousing for her. Practically everything turned her on. She found herself evaluating men the way she used to look at food in the supermarket. At the moment, all Charity wanted to do was wrap her lips around the handsome German man's Oktoberfest sausage.

She pulled his finger out and leaned over, placing her lips by Armand's ear.

"Go wait for me in the bathroom," she whispered. "If you want to fuck me."

Armand smiled, nodding slightly.

She leaned back, giving him room, and he stood up, his erection clearly defined against the front of his pants. He didn't seem the least bit concerned that everyone could see it. He shuffled from the window seat to the aisle, passing in front of Lilo, and Charity noticed her husband looking at the man's crotch, his eyes widening as he saw the other man's blatantly obvious erection. Lilo's face paled and he swallowed, glancing timidly over at Charity. Charity ignored him and watched the handsome stranger make his way to the washroom.

Charity waited for about a minute and then reached up under her sun dress and hooked her fingers in the elastic of her underwear. She pulled her panties down, rolling them over her knees and then down over her feet. She handed them to her husband.

"Could you hold onto these for me, sweetie?" she said.

Lilo took them, nodding submissively.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," she said, getting up from her seat and making her way toward the bathroom.

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Lake Taboo

Lake Taboo

taboo, pseudo-incest, reluctant breeding

Length: novelette (10,000 words, approx 30+ pages)

Stacey and Brandon have been going to Parson's Lake for as long as they can remember, and this year they've brought four of their friends: Andy, Matt, Cassie and Brandon's girlfriend, Rachel. When an innocent -- but romantic -- blunder leads to a sudden and dramatic breakup between Brandon and Rachel, Stacey suddenly finds herself thrust into the awkward position of offering comfort to a man she's known all her life.

Can Stacey control the powerful urges and secret desires driving her to engage in a steamy and very forbidden taboo relationship with her lifelong male companion now that they have the lake all to themselves? Is she willing to risk it all by letting the man of her dreams put a baby in her belly?

This 10,000 word erotic story explores one of the most popular erotica kinks of all time. Visit Lake Taboo and indulge in your deepest, darkest, naughtiest fantasies!

"Get off of me!" I said, struggling to free myself.

He grabbed my wrists with his hands and pinned me to the ground.

"Not until you promise to delete the video," he said.

I could feel the lump in his swimming trunks getting larger. I wasn't even sure if Brandon knew it was happening, but this automatic physical reaction had a curious effect on me. The rational part of my brain told me that I should be disgusted, horrified, offended, but instead I found the sensation almost distressingly erotic. All of my attention fixated on this hard lump swelling between my posterior cheeks. I didn't want it to end, but at the same time, I was afraid that he would realize that I knew it was happening and doing nothing to stop it. I was afraid that he might think I was encouraging it and be disgusted by my complicity, that he might think I was some kind of pervert. I squealed, tried to roll over, to push him off, but all my wiggling only seemed to make him harder.

"Promise," he said.

"Promise not to talk about my peeing, first," I shouted.

"No deal. This is about the video."

"I only took it so you'd stop talking about my peeing."

"Fine, then I guess we'll just have to stay here."

The firmness of his erection was unmistakable now...

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Pi Kappa Mu

Pi Kappa Mu

lactation, hucow, bondage, dubious consent

Length: novella (22,100 words, approx 66+ pages)

Bailey Boehmer, Pi Kappa Mu It Girl, has a gift. Two of them, in fact, bouncing around inside her bubblegum pink tank top. And this is one bodacious bombshell who's not afraid to use her natural assets to get her way. This time, however, the foosball tables have turned, and Bailey finds herself strapped into the kinkiest, most climax-inducing contraption this side of a Star Trek convention.

Patrick, the Gamma Alpha Upsilon geeklord, has big, big plans for Bailey and her jiggling jugs. In fact, he's hosting the biggest shindig his minions have ever seen, and Bailey's magnificent mams are playing a pivotal role. When the party starts hopping, the pumps start pumping, and the creamy white stuff starts flowing! Bailey's hottest, secretest fantasies are about to be realized: her glorious globes are finally going to get the attention they deserve!

This 22,000 word (67+ page) zany, over-the-top (very explicit) erotic adventure will quench your thirst for one of the juiciest kinks around!

"Behold: the Lactaser!"

He held up the shot glass, now filled with a creamy white solution of breast milk and clear liqueur, for the girl's admiration. The girl was so busy rolling her eyes at his nerdy melodramatics that she didn't notice the surreptitious wink Patrick gave me through the camera.

The girl took the glass and tossed it back. As I watched my breast milk hit the girl's tongue, I felt a sudden lurching sensation in the pit of my stomach, like I'd been turned inside out.

Holy shit. That girl just drank my breast milk!

I quickly fumbled with the buttons on the joysticks, shutting the Wand and dildo down before I had another orgasm. I didn't want to cum to the image of another girl swallowing my boob-juice. The girl knit her brows, her mouth working thoughtfully as she tried to identify the flavor. Finally, she smiled.

"Oh my God, Jenny! You have to try one of these!" she said, grabbing her friend by the arm.

There was a cheer from Patrick's geek squad friends, who'd been watching the girl's taste test somewhat pruriently.

They don't know it's my breast milk, do they?

Patrick grinned at me through the camera like the Cheshire Cat.

"One Lactaser coming up!" he shouted exuberantly, filling a second shot glass with booze.

His hand disappeared out of view, there was a clunking sound over my head, the tubes hissed, and I felt another exquisite round of suction on my nipples.

More milk flowed out of me and once again my fingers slipped and I accidentally started up both the dildo and the Wand. I groaned with surprise and irritation, but managed to shut them down before he could force me to cum a second time.

I knew what Patrick was up to: he was trying to condition me like one of Pavlov's dogs, trying to pair sexual excitement with the sight of someone drinking my breast milk. But it wasn't going to work. I wasn't some brainless bimbo. I knew about science and stuff. I'd taken Intro to Psychology. Still, I couldn't stop myself from moaning as the tubes eagerly milked my teats. I hated that Patrick had made it feel so good. I was so fucking wet and horny and it wasn't fair.

The second girl, a mid-lister like her friend, took the shot and downed it. She went through the same series of expressions as her friend had, eventually settling on delight.

"Oh my God, you're right, Cathy! That is really good!" she said, licking the rim of the shot glass with pleasure. "What's in it?"

"If I told you it wouldn't be a secret, would it?" said Patrick chortling and glowing with triumph.

I bet he's hard as a fucking rock right now.

"They're called Lactasers. Tell all your friends! There's plenty to go around!"

People began to look toward the table, their interest piqued.

Jesus Christ! I thought, blanching. If they all decide to have one, they're going to suck me dry!

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Plushie: An Erotic Romp

Plushie: An Erotic Romp

sex with a teddy bear, masturbate with a teddy bear, teddy bear fetish, plushophilia, ursusagalmatophilia

Length: novella (21,000 words, approx 60+ pages)

Enhanced for your pleasure. Completely revised!

Sierra Madsen doesn't have much luck with men. After tossing out yet another cheating boyfriend, she shares her woes with the one person she can really count on: her teddy bear. A few drinks and one ill-advised wish later, Sierra finds herself in the middle of an unexpected -- and fuzzy -- romance with her favorite stuffed animal. Mr. Bigglesworth isn't like the men she's known: he's only got one thing on his mind and that's making her happy. Suddenly, 'sex toy' has taken on a whole new meaning...

Plushie is more than erotica: it's an outrageous, lighthearted romantic comedy about a girl and her stuffie. This story contains graphic and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature and coarse language and is intended for mature readers. Approximately 21,000 words (60+ pages)

"Aw, now. Someone needs a hug," said the bear, holding out his arms.

Too distraught to resist, I let the animated toy approach and he put his fuzzy paws on my shoulders. I flinched at first, but when I saw the look of abject concern on his face, the sheer boundless empathy, I gave in. I wrapped him in my arms and hugged him fiercely. He felt as soft and squishy and wonderful as he always had. I sobbed into his neck, overcome with a feeling of immense relief and gratitude. If I was mad, if all of this was just one big crazy hallucination, it was still exactly what I needed.

"There, there," said the bear, patting me gently. "That's better. Get it all out."

We held each other for a long time, until my tears subsided and I began to feel more like my old self. I expected, at every moment, for Mr. Bigglesworth to revert back to an inanimate toy, for my psychosis to pass, and for him to resume his former identity as a man-made construct, fabricated from thread and buttons and stuffing. But his fluffy arms continued to hold me with genuine force, and his soft gentle cooing never wavered.

"I'm so happy you decided to come to life," I said, giving him an extra hard squeeze.

"Me too," said the bear.

And then he unclipped my bra.

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Plushie 2: Merry Plushie Christmas

Plushie 2: Merry Plushie Christmas

romantic comedy, sex with a teddy bear, teddy bear fetish, plushophilia

Length: short novel (40,000 words, approx 120+ pages)

Sierra and Mr. Bigglesworth are back for more outrageous adventures in this standalone novel-length sequel to Plushie: An Erotic Romp.

It's Christmas at the Madsens' and Mr. Bigglesworth, Sierra's impulsive, incorrigible, and larger than life teddy bear, is most definitely NOT invited. But that won't stop Sierra from getting waist-deep in warm, fuzzy trouble when she comes face to face with the stuffed animals -- sorry, stuffies -- she had to leave behind when she moved away from home. One hijink leads to another and soon Sierra finds herself caught at the center of the biggest, fluffiest, sexiest Christmas disaster of the millennium.

Raunchy, over-the-top, and downright weird, this 40,000 word (120+ page) romantic comedy erotic adventure will make sure you never think about Christmas -- or plush toys -- the same way ever again. Contains scenes of a graphic nature, Christmas miracles, and a heck of a lot of bad language.

"Sierra. Wake up."

I felt someone shaking my shoulder. I grumbled and buried myself deeper into the blankets, pulling the pillow up over my head.


Another shake.

"You have to see this."

I rolled over. "What time is it?" I said into the darkness.

"It's three in the morning."

"Then why the fuck are you waking me up?"

"You have to see this, Sierra. It's a Christmas miracle."

I had a sudden sense of foreboding. It was a sensation I'd grown used to living with Biggles. I called it my that-little-shit's-getting-into-trouble-again radar.

This isn't going to be good. This is going to be freaky and weird.

But I couldn't very well not look, now could I?

"What is it?" I said, propping myself up on my elbow. I still felt a little drunk.

"Touch it."


"Touch it."

"Touch what?"

A paw reached out and took my hand and pulled my arm over and I felt my fingers resting on something warm and soft and ...

"Holy shit!"

I sat bolt upright.

"What the fuck is that?!"

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Polly, Amorous: Vol 1: Valentine, Nebraska

Polly, Amorous: Vol 1: Valentine, Nebraska

polyamory, free love, sexual healing, Victorian, Western

Length: novelette (12,100 words, approx 36+ pages)

Polly's a deeply religious girl, which is why she's taking the missionary position in Valentine, Nebraska, a Wild West boomtown. But Polly's not your ordinary missionary: as a devotee of Templetonism, the latest religious craze sweeping the nation, she wants people to take her message to love one another quite literally -- and she's more than happy to practice what she preaches!

In an era where Victorian prudishness would like to keep the body out of sight and out of mind, and Scientific Materialism would like to reduce it to an ugly, unfeeling machine, Polly wants to remind people that maybe, just maybe, if something feels good, it's because it is good, and that perhaps the road to Heaven is paved with bad intentions.

This 12,000 word (36+ page) erotic short is the first in a series all about free love, polyamory, and the power of sexual healing. Filled with humor, romance, and the best bison burgers you'll find inside or outside of a bordello.

Polly felt a sudden prompting of the Spirit and climbed onto the bed.

Abe looked at her with horror.

"If it makes you feel better, think of it as a seduction," she said with a sly smile. "You've put up a good fight, Abe, but I won't take no for an answer. I'll do the Lord's work even if it means I have to tie you to the bed."

There was a flicker of interest in Abe's eyes at this, but it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

"It won't help,” he said resignedly. "I don't see the point of even trying."

"I'm afraid I must insist,” said Polly, crawling over him. "I'd be remiss in my duties if I didn't."

Abe sighed, looking up forlornly at the ceiling. "Very well. But you’re wasting your time."

"Well, you'll have to let me be the judge of that," Polly said, smiling more cheerfully. "Now: let's get these trousers off!"

Polly sat down on Abe's thighs, eliciting a look of trepidation. She reached for the buttons of his trousers and slipped each button expertly through each buttonhole.

"You're very ... forward, aren't you?" said Abe, looking a bit perplexed by the sudden rapid escalation of events.

"I think we've wasted enough time in idle conversation, don't you?" she said, opening the front of his pants and pushing up his shirt and undershirt to expose his furry trail. "It's time for me to do God's work."

She ran her fingers over his warm belly and all the little hairs there, feeling that familiar damp heat down below...

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Polly, Amorous: Vol 2: Banking on Love

Polly, Amorous: Vol 2: Banking on Love

polyamory, free love, sexual healing, Victorian, Western

Length: novelette (13,300 words, approx 40+ pages)

Polly's back, and this time she's taking Templetonism to the bank to help Abe get his job back. But Mr. Thompson, his employer, proves to be a hard man to satisfy. His demands become more and more debauched and outrageous as he tests Polly's faith by forcing her and Abe to participate in a series of increasingly degrading and humiliating activities to satisfy his perverse demands. Will this be one nut that's too hard for Polly to crack?

In an era where Victorian prudishness would like to keep the body out of sight and out of mind, and Scientific Materialism would like to reduce it to an ugly, unfeeling machine, Polly wants to remind people that maybe, just maybe, if something feels good, it's because it is good, and that perhaps the road to Heaven is paved with bad intentions.

This 13,000 word (40+ page) mfm menage is the second in a series about free love, polyamory, and the power of (very explicit) sexual healing.

"I admit I've never been much of a religious man, and have never really understood the motivations of people who are. But maybe I just lack faith? Are you willing to make a believer out of me, Ms. Heart?"

At this, Mr. Thompson smiled, showing his wolfish teeth.

"I'm even more eager than you are, sir," Polly said, smiling back. Her heart beat rapidly in anticipation.

Mr. Thompson grinned with undisguised pleasure, and — Polly noted — a certain degree of smugness. No doubt he attributed her willingness to debase herself to his own good looks, wealth, and social status and not to what it was: an honest desire to do God's work.

"In that case, since you seem like a woman who appreciates plain speaking, let me be perfectly frank: I'll give Rogers his job back, and I'll handle your accounts personally, but only if you come over here, get down on your knees, and put those devoted little lips of yours around my cock."

At this, Mr. Thompson pushed his chair back from the desk. He was slouching down, with his legs spread, inviting her with a gesture.

Polly smiled wryly, got up, and walked around the desk. She set her purse down on it, standing in front of him, and slowly untied her bonnet ribbon. Mr. Thompson was ogling her up and down, not bothering to conceal the lechery in his heart. Polly felt a little thrill of excitement low in her belly. She loved a man who knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to ask for — nay, demand — it.

She set her bonnet down on the desk beside her purse, gathered the folds of her skirt, and slowly got down on her knees in front of him...

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Pretty Little Sissy

Pretty Little Sissy

crossdressing, forced feminization, sissification, sissy training

Length: novelette (12,900 words, approx 38+ pages)

Taylor always knew he wasn't like other boys. While other boys were out playing football, Taylor was trying on pretty dresses and learning how to apply makeup. But Taylor's shameful crossdressing secret has just been exposed by the one man whose judgment he fears the most: his old schoolyard bully, Randy.

In a surprising twist, Randy has decided he wants to help Taylor come to terms with his true sissy identity ... and train him in the skills he'll need to perform his new role...

This 12,000 word (38+ page) erotic short is packed full of explicit, erotic genderbending feminization training, D/s play, short skirts, thigh-high stockings, and lace panties.

"Are you ready?" said Randy. "Are you ready to find out who you really are?"

"I don't know what you think this will prove," said Taylor.

"It'll prove you’re a fairy princess, just like your sister says you are. See? Other people already know you're a little sissy queer, Taylor. You just need someone to prove it to you so you can finally start living your life."

"You're wrong," said Taylor.

"Yeah? Then prove it."

Randy pulled down his underwear, letting them drop down to his ankles with his jeans. For a moment, there was utter silence. Taylor had meant to look away, but for some reason, the moment Randy's underwear were gone, Taylor's eyes had been transfixed...

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Ravished by Legendary Beasts

Ravished by Legendary Beasts

reluctant centaur minotaur and demon sex, monster gangbang, forced breeding

Length: novelette (8,500 words, approx 25+ pages)

After botching a heist, Jysandra the witch finds herself at the mercy of her criminal companions: a passionate minotaur, a handsome centaur, and a lusty demon. Tired of her recklessness, they demand compensation by proposing a distinctly ... physical ... arrangement -- and they're not taking no for an answer. Is she strong enough to resist? Or should she surrender to their powerful, primal urges and risk being impregnated by their vigorous seed?

Ravished by Legendary Beasts is an 8,500 word (approx. 25 pages) erotic fantasy adventure story containing explicit descriptions of interspecies sexual intercourse between a woman and a group of mythical monsters.

"Can we have our way with her now?" said the minotaur, directing his question to Aptorix.

"I don't see why not," said the demon. "I'm not going to get in your way. In fact, I'm inclined to join you."

"What?!" Jysandra's indignation rose to new heights of outrage.

She felt Munos's fingers slip into the back of her dress at the neck and before she knew what was happening the light silk garment was tearing and slipping away from her body.

Jysandra squealed.

"I told you she doesn't wear anything under that dress," said the centaur, tossing his ax in the dirt and trotting forward.

"It seems you were right."

Jysandra felt the minotaur's hand cupping her buttock. She screamed, trying to shake herself free.

"Now, now. Save your breath, Jysandra. You're going to need it..."

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Ravished by Monsters

Ravished by Monsters

rough and reluctant vampire werewolf and monster sex, Gothic erotic horror, forced breeding

Length: novella (27,000 words, approx 80+ pages)

Monster hunters extraordinaire Handel and Gretchen have had their hands full ever since the collapse of the Church. With the Devil's minions sprouting like mushrooms in every shadowy corner of the Unholy Roman Empire, killing vampires, werewolves, witches and other creatures of darkness has become a full-time job. But there's one opponent Gretchen may never be able to slay: the monster inside of her. When a botched hunting expedition leads to an intimate encounter with a vampire, Gretchen is forced to confront her darkest desires. What happens when the hunter herself is hunted ... and she wants to be caught?

This 27,000 word (80+ pages) erotic dark fantasy adventure set against the Gothic backdrop of an alternate late medieval Europe contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature and is intended for mature readers.

With the virtuosity and care of a master craftsman, he brought her quickly to the very edge of climax. She clenched around his fingers, body poised for release, but he relented at the last moment, cutting short her arousal. For a minute or two he did nothing; he merely lingered, waiting patiently for her excitement to dissipate. When her breathing returned to normal, he slowly repeated the experience.

He brought her to the brink of orgasm six times. Her pussy was drenched, and her skin was covered in sweat. Her whole body throbbed and hummed, aching -- almost painfully -- with the need for release. This was a kind of torture she'd never expected, or even believed possible. She wanted to beg him to continue, but her gag prevented her from speaking. She felt horrible for letting this creature of darkness arouse her so.

Gretchen nodded her head, moaning weakly. She no longer cared that the hand half-buried in her vagina belonged to a vampire. The need for release overwhelmed every other consideration.

The vampire resumed his manipulations...

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Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 1

Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang 1

(Too hot for Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo!)

taboo, pseudo-incest, voyeurism, reluctant, gangbang

Length: short story (7,400 words, approx 22+ pages)

Amanda has never liked her hunky, handsome stepbrothers Shawn and Gary, so to get back at them, she's hidden spycams in their rooms to stream their private masturbation sessions to gay porn sites. When her stepbrothers catch her masturbating to the secret videos, they confront her with proof of her kinky, taboo desires and give her an ultimatum: either satisfy their sexual urges in a reluctant, no-holes-barred revenge gangbang, or endure a lifetime of public humiliation when they expose her deviant behavior to the world.

This 7,400 word explicit hardcore M/M/F/M menage contains hidden spycams, voyeurism, a striptease, playful spanking, cunnilingus, and reluctant oral, vaginal, and anal group sex and is intended for mature audiences only. All characters are 18 years or older and not related by blood.

I opened the door. Gary and Shawn were both sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Nice!" said Gary with a smile. Shawn smiled too, but didn't say anything.

I stood there for a moment, not sure what they wanted me to do. Should I just take my clothes off again? Or did they want a striptease with music and stuff?

Shawn leaned over and fiddled with my iPod. I had it docked and used it as an alarm clock. The swanky beat of Nine Inch Nails' Closer started seeping from the speakers.

"You're fucking kidding me," I said.

Gary held his hand palm down and twirled his finger around. "Give us a dance, sis."

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Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 2

Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang 2

(Too hot for Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo!)

taboo, pseudo-incest, voyeurism, reluctant, gangbang

Length: short story (7,500 words, approx 22+ pages)

Now that Amanda's been trained to satisfy her hunky stepbrothers' every sexual desire, she finds escape in fantasies about her irresistable stepfather. When she gets caught spying on her stepdad, the sexy stepsister finds herself embroiled in yet another plot: one to expand the circle of seduction. Of course, there's little time for planning when you're in the middle of a group of handsome, horny young men. This dirty, depraved, non-stop sex-fest is sure to leave you begging for more.

If you like wet, wild, reluctant vaginal, oral and anal sex, cunnilingus, spycams, masturbation, voyeurism, humiliation, cumshots, and mild dominance/submission you'll love this 7,500 word taboo dubcon M/M/F/M pseudoincest gangbang. Go ahead. Indulge yourself. No one's watching...

I lay there in a world of intoxicating pleasure, my breath coming in quick, shallow gasps like I had a fever. When I finally came to on the other side, breathing contentedly, arm flopping at my side, I saw my stepbrother Shawn standing in the doorway to my room.

I gasped and tried to slam shut my laptop but he had already bounded across the room and wrenched it out of my hands. He jumped backward out of arm's reach and stared in amazement at the livestreaming video.

"Holy fuck! You're spying on mom and dad, too?"

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Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 3

Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang 3

(Too hot for Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo!)

taboo, pseudo-incest, voyeurism, reluctant, gangbang

Length: novelette (9,600 words, approx 28+ pages)

Convincing Neal to help her carry out her sexy stepbrother's fantasy to seduce his stepmom proves to be much more satisfying than Amanda imagined until they're interrupted by her stepfather, the new object of her taboo obsession. Dropping in on her friend's birthday party turns out to be a risky, reluctant, naughty gangbang adventure for the slutty stepsister, her stepbrothers, and a tall, dark, well-endowed stranger.

If you're looking for kinky, explicit, hardcore M/F and M/M/F/M sex with reluctant vaginal, oral, and anal sex, cunnilingus, masturbation, spycams, voyeurism, playful spanking, humiliation, cumshots, interracial sex and mild dominance/submission you'll love this erotic 9,600 word pseudoincest dubcon.

"We're just going to hide in here for a while," he said.

"Fantastic," I drawled. I sat on the edge of the bed and took a swig of my beer. It was bitter and I scrunched up my face.

"I don't think I like your attitude, young lady."

"Young lady?" I popped my eyes wide open. In the dim light of the lamp, Gary looked a lot like his father Robert. The square jaw, the thick dark hair, the blue eyes...I realized I was getting warm looking at him. Something about his tone had triggered something in me. He'd somehow slipped into the same commanding, forceful tone that his father used.

"I don't think I give a fuck what you think," I said provocatively.

Before I knew what was happening, Gary's fingers were wrapped around my arm. "Maybe I should make you give a fuck," he said...

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Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 4

Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang 4

(Too hot for Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo!)

taboo, pseudo-incest, voyeurism, reluctant, gangbang

Length: novelette (8,600 words, approx 25+ pages)

Shawn's taboo fantasy to seduce his stepmom is about to become a reality, but Amanda's sexy stepbrother's forbidden desires lead her to feelings of insecurity that can only be put to rest by a vigorous lovemaking session with both of her handsome stepbrothers. Ignited by spying on Shawn's erotic escapades, Amanda takes out her sexual frustration on an unexpected visitor.

This 8,600 word pseudoincest taboo family dubcon epic includes cunnilingus, spycams, voyeurism, masturbation, kinky blindfolds and bondage, M/F/M menage with (not so) reluctant vaginal, oral, and anal sex, deepthroating, and one very satisfied sexy, slutty stepsister.

"I'm glad you're wearing a skirt today," he said.

I pulled the hem down over my thighs, suddenly self-conscious. "Why?" I asked.

"I'm feeling generous," he said with a smile.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I want to return a favor."

My heart sped up. "You mean you want to..." but I didn't finish.

"Yeah. What's so strange about that?"

"So finally, after like fifty blowjobs, you think going down on me will make us square?"


"You're a pig," I said, climbing off the bed.

"Does that mean you don't want me to?"

"I never said that...

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Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volume 5

Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang 5

(Too hot for Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo!)

taboo, pseudo-incest, voyeurism, reluctant, gangbang

Length: novelette (9,500 words, approx 28+ pages)

Things get hot and heavy for Amanda in this non-stop sex-fest when her sexy stepbrothers decide to get serious and show her what upstanding guys they can be. Later, a homemade movie gets everyone in the mood for love--including a new boy--resulting in a surprisingly steamy contest that creates some stiff competition among the boys that will leave both you, and Amanda, begging for more.

This 9,500 word taboo family pseudoincest includes M/F/M double-penetration, a M/M/F/M gangbang, (not so) reluctant vaginal, oral, and anal sex, deepthroating, messy facials, and tons of cunnilingus.

Shawn's laughter ended abruptly, and I noticed a look pass between my stepbrothers. Instinctively, I ran.

Gary caught me two feet into the hall, before I had a chance to reach the bathroom. He pulled me back and wrapped his arms around me. He had my arms pinned, so there wasn't anything I could do when Shawn started lifting my night shirt.

I kicked at him, squealing girlishly, but he dodged me effortlessly. Gary lifted me up off my feet.

"Keep kicking," Shawn said, admiring my writhing, naked body.

I kicked at his balls and he grabbed my ankle. I kicked with my other foot and he grabbed that one too. I struggled, but my stepbrothers were much stronger than I was.

"Are you going to do me right here? In the middle of the hall?" I asked breathlessly. I could feel my heart racing and the blood filling my face and chest.

"If you insist," said Shawn...

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Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang collection 1

Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang Collection 1

Includes volumes 1, 2, and 3

(Too hot for Amazon, iTunes, and Kobo!)

taboo, pseudo-incest, voyeurism, reluctant, gangbang

Length: 3 short stories (over 24,000 words, approx 70+ pages)

A botched attempt to get back at her hunky, handsome stepbrothers turns into a no-holes-barred reluctant gangbang adventure when sexy, slutty Amanda gets caught masturbating to spycams hidden in her stepbrothers' bedrooms. Confronted with proof of her kinky taboo desires, Amanda is forced into a series of hot and steamy escapades with multiple partners that somehow always leave her wanting more.

This 3 volume collection of The Slutty Stepsister includes Sexy Slutty Spying Stepsister Gangbang volumes 1, 2, and 3 and over 24,000 words of non-stop explicit, hardcore pseudoincest stepbrother stepsister sex including hidden cameras, voyeurism, masturbation, stripping, spanking, cunnilingus, oral and anal sex, threesomes, foursomes, mild dominance/submission, and more! Go ahead, indulge yourself. No one's watching...

It was getting worse and worse. Everything he said was true, and now the thought of anyone getting their hands on these videos was truly horrifying.

"W-what do you want?" I asked, clutching my robe tight.

"What do you think we want," asked Gary from the doorway.

"I don't know what you want," I lied. I knew very well what they wanted. They wanted what every red-blooded male wanted: an endless supply of free sex from a hot girl who couldn't say no...

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Sissy Hill: Volume 1: Gender Violations

Sissy Hill: V1: Gender Violations

sissification, hermaphroditism, horror

Length: novelette (10,800 words, approx 32+ pages)

Sex, Chrysalis, and video games. This surrealistic erotic horror in an alternate dimension filled with monsters, decaying buildings, and a mysterious man called M goes beyond experiments in crossdressing.

With near total amnesia, and an unlikely combination of body parts, Daisy isn't even sure if they're a girl or a boy -- but they're pretty sure at least some of the things they're doing are anatomically impossible. Is Daisy dreaming, psychotic, or just in hell?

Follow Daisy's strange sexual adventures as he -- or she -- unravels the mysteries of the silent and brooding Sistine Hill, a mysterious gender reassignment clinic lurking at the dark heart of a nightmarish world of deformity, debauchery, and depravity.

Volume 1...

"It's getting harder and harder to get my hands on the stuff," says M, walking over toward the coffee table. "The feds are really cracking down."

He bends and picks up a clear Ziploc bag. There's something inside it. A handful of bubblegum pink pills. He shakes the bag, making the pills bounce around.

"Anjo got arrested," he says. "I saw him getting walked out by the cops. I had to go all the way across town to get these. You know how much trouble it was?" He sounds irritated.

"Sorry," I say, feeling like I should apologize. I have no idea what the pills are for, though I get the impression they're for me.

He sets the bag down on top of the pile of books. The top book is Kant's Critique of Pure Unreason. There are cigarette ashes scattered across the cover.

"Well, you'll just have to make it up to me. You've always been good at that." There's an edge to M's smile, a sort of grim expectancy. "You want to do it now or wait for a bit? There’s beer in the fridge if you need to unwind a bit first."

I don't have any idea what he's talking about, but I don’t see any point in prolonging the inevitable. Whatever it is.

"We can do it now," I say, shrugging.

"Suit yourself."

M sits down in the recliner, leans back, and unbuttons and unzips his pants.


I stare in shock and horror as M reaches into his pants and pulls out his...

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Strange Tides

Strange Tides

Strange Tidings vol 1

gay sex, reluctant gangbang, bareback, sissification

Length: novella (25,000 words, approx 75+ pages)

Five straight men stranded on a remote island find themselves succumbing to powerful gay urges.

A pleasure cruise turns into a surreal erotic adventure when five straight men find themselves stranded on a remote Pacific island.

Thousands of miles from home -- and the nearest woman's caress -- the five friends struggle to come to terms with their frustrated sexual urges. A strange object discovered below the waves at the edge of the island serves as a catalyst for their repressed gay desires and a fateful decision is reached.

What follows is a game of cat and mouse as Stacy, a sensitive writer tormented by disturbing fantasies, finds himself pursued by his lusty former friends and haunted by an overwhelming urge to surrender...

This 25,000 word (75+ pages) reluctant straight to gay conversion gangbang sizzles with no holds barred bareback oral and anal sex.


Stacy looked around. The forest was dark. They seemed to be alone. He nodded. He was so anxious he felt like he was going to throw up.

"Okay. Get down on your knees." Buck put his hand lightly on his shoulder and pushed him down.

Stacy knelt in front of his friend, feeling incredibly self-conscious. It was just like his dream.

No. That wasn't a dream, he realized. I fantasized about this. I jerked off to this.

"Remember, I'm only doing this because you're making me," he said. "This doesn't mean I'm gay."

"Of course not," said Buck. "I know you're not." He unzipped his shorts and grabbed the waistband, then he paused, looking down at Stacy. "Are you ready?"

Stacy nodded. "I suppose." His stomach was doing flips.

Buck shoved down his shorts, letting them fall to his ankles. He kicked them off and stood naked from the waist down in front of Stacy...

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Stranger Tides

Stranger Tides

Strange Tidings vol 2

straight to gay conversion, gay gangbang, bareback

Length: novella (30,000 words, approx 90+ pages)

Stacy's straight to gay island paradise is disrupted when a strange man washes ashore.

Stacy has come to terms with his homosexuality and adjusted to his new role as the communal gay lover of his four ruggedly handsome, masculine straight friends, but his island paradise is disrupted when a strange man in a wet suit suddenly washes ashore.

Can the beautiful stranger answer their questions about the mysterious events unfolding on the island and the origin of the primitive fish man statue? Or does he have a darker, more sinister objective?

One thing is certain: tensions ... and passions ... are on the rise ...

This 30,000 page (90+ pages) straight guys for gay guys straight to gay conversion gangbang sizzles with hot, hard bareback oral, anal, double and triple penetrations.

Stacy watched Xenos's every action with intense interest, unable to turn away from the other man as the handsome treasure hunter slowly peeled the diving suit away from his body, exposing a broad, muscular chest dusted with dark hairs. Xenos extricated his shoulders and arms, his powerful biceps flexing, and then pushed the suit down to expose his lean, toned stomach. Stacy felt indescribable hunger for this beautiful man, an almost intolerable desire to mate with him, even though such mating would be futile. Xenos pushed the diving suit down over his hips, exposing a prodigious cock, the biggest that Stacy had ever seen. It was already partially erect and it was all Stacy could do to stop himself from pouncing on it.

Xenos slipped the legs of the diving suit off over his feet and tossed it aside, standing naked in front of Stacy.

"Get down on your knees," said Xenos.

Stacy sank down immediately, eager to do anything that Xenos asked of him.

"You know what to do," Xenos said...

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Tamed by the Creature from the Lagoon

Tamed by the Creature from the Lagoon

monster sex, reluctant breeding, mosterotica, horrorotica

Length: novel (60,200 words, approx 180+ pages)

The mystery of the lagoon goes deep, but Kate has no idea how deep...

Returning to the cabin in Florida where she'd spent so many happy summers growing up, Kate is confronted by news of a mysterious Fish-Man sighting. As a marine biologist, Kate is uniquely qualified to explore the mystery surrounding the fabulous creature that has all the locals talking. What she isn't qualified for is the Fish-Man's reciprocal interest in her own doings. What starts out as some harmless cryptozoology turns into a crazy adventure beyond Kate's wildest imaginings. Something is definitely fishy about this urban legend!

Strap on a scuba diving tank and zip up your wet suit, you're about to do some seriously heavy breathing in one of the weirdest, wettest, scariest love stories of all time.

This 60,000 word horrorotica novel is sure to raise more than a few goosebumps. Get ready for thrills, chills, and gills! Extremely graphic content!

I held up the rifle, my hands trembling, and quietly scanned the living room.

A gust of wind squeaked the door open even farther.

Rain blew into the room on an angle, drumming against the wood floor as the wind scattered the papers that had been neatly stacked on the table. Someone, or some thing had forced opened the door. There was no way the wind could have pushed it open, and I was sure that I'd locked it. There was another flash of light and I saw that the door frame had been splintered. There were bits of wood lying on the floor in the threshold. That must have been what I'd heard.

I swung the rifle around in a circle, looking for the intruder, heart hammering in my chest. It was too dark to see anything.

"Who's there?" I said in a loud, shrill voice. I sounded almost hysterical. "Come out where I can see you. I have a gun."

I heard a sound behind me and spun. The rifle came to an jerking halt, as if it had struck something. A moment later, I felt it wrenched from my hands. It clattered onto the floor somewhere across the room and a rough, scaly hand closed around my throat.

There was another flash of lightning. Huge, dark eyes, like two bowls of ink, glistened in the darkness, hovering over two rows of long, pointed teeth.

I screamed.

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Tamed by the Vault Dwellers

Tamed by the Vault Dwellers

monster sex, reluctant interspecies breeding, gangbang

Length: short novel (50,000 words, approx 150+ pages)

The ultimate urban exploration adventure goes awry when Robyn finds herself separated from her friends and trapped in an abandoned military installation with a savage race of prehistoric humans -- muscular brutes who will go to any length to get their hands on a healthy female!

Will Robyn's friends rescue her in time? Or will she surrender to the primitive clan's strong, instinctive amorous urges and help create a new generation of vault dwellers?

This 50,000 word (150+ page) action-packed, no-holds-barred erotic sci-fi horror novel contains thrills, chills, and spills, multiple partners/group encounters, reluctant interspecies breeding, and some very sticky situations.

I heard a grunt emanating from the darkness at the back of the room and froze in place, a sick knot forming in my stomach.

The doctor walked over to a set of switches and flipped one. The lights suddenly came on overhead and the room was engulfed in light.

I gasped.

Four large, gray shapes were ambling toward me, walking on their front knuckles.

I turned and stared at Dr. Hobart.

"How could you?!" I hissed.

Dr. Hobart gave me a sad smile.

"They won't hurt you," he said. "As long as you don't put up a fight."

"You're a monster!" I said.

"No, my dear: those are monsters." He pointed over my shoulder.

I turned and faced the Moles. They were almost upon me now, huffing and grunting with interest...

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Tamed by the Yeti

Tamed by the Yeti

monster sex, reluctant breeding, mosterotica romance

Length: novelette (15,000 words, approx 45+ pages)

Separated from her companions by an avalanche, Joanna, a documentary film maker on the trail of the elusive abominable snowman, suddenly finds herself in the clutches of a yeti.

What begins as a terrifying encounter with the unknown gradually unfolds into a tender and sensual sharing of souls as Joanna learns to bridge the gap of a million years of evolution to find comfort and solace in the arms of a truly extraordinary lover.

This 15,000 word erotic horror/romance includes cunnilingus, analingus, oral sex, and reluctant interspecies breeding.

I heard a soft grunt behind me and the firm, gentle pressure of the yeti's large hand closing around my buttock.

I froze in fear and all of my original terror of the creature returned in full force.

A wave of goosebumps pebbled my skin and all my senses became acutely alert. I was afraid to scream or make any sudden movement for fear that I might trigger some sort of primal, destructive impulse in the beast, the way running from a bear unleashes its instinct to kill. My fingers tightened around the sharp stone in my hand but I knew the gesture was meaningless; it was all I could do to cut a hole through a defenseless hide lying beneath me on the floor; what good would it do against an enraged yeti? My best defense, much as I hated to admit it, was to offer no resistance...

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The Enchanted Elf

The Enchanted Elf

elf sex, breeding, mind control, rough and reluctant

Length: novelette (10,000 words, approx 30+ pages)

Ariantha is a Hunter on the trail of a Turned One, a witch serving the Dark Gods. Things get complicated when she runs into an old acquaintance, a Hunter like herself, and go from bad to worse when the witch gets the upper hand on the pair, casting an enchantment to inflame the desire of her companion. Will Ariantha satiate her lover's bewitched passion, or will the Hunter become the hunted...?

This 10,000 word erotic romance swords and sorcery fantasy adventure about amorous elves contains content of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers.

Hondryl groaned and reached for his belt.

"Hondryl!" Ariantha knelt down beside him.

"What did she do to me?" he said, furiously loosening his armor.

Ariantha stared at him, helpless. He was obviously in pain but she couldn't just...

"Ariantha! Please!" he said, begging.

She shook her head, biting her lip.


"She's enchanted you--" she started, and then stopped. How could she explain it to him?

He struggled out of his armored vest and flung it to the floor. His face was red and tense and drenched in sweat.

"It hurts, Ariantha. I'm having strange thoughts..."

"Hondryl--" she started.

He groaned, gritting his teeth, and wrestled with his under tunic.

She couldn't take it anymore. His suffering was too intense. Humiliated, she reached down and let her hand hover over the hard lump straining against the thin, soft fabric of his breeches...

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The Eviction

The Eviction

paying with sex, landlord, erotic romance

Length: novelette (16,000 words, approx 45+ pages)

Mary's always been a hard-working girl willing to pay her dues but when her boyfriend runs off with her life savings she finds herself between a rock and a hard place. Paying the rent in sexual favors isn't exactly how she pictured her life turning out but things get really complicated when she starts falling for the landlord. Just how far is Mary willing to go to keep her apartment, and her man?

This 16,000 word erotic romance contains non-stop explicit, steamy sex scenes including oral sex, cunnilingus, breast play, vaginal and anal intercourse, and public sex and puts a new spin on an old plot with an unlikely relationship that is both surprisingly dirty and unusually sweet.

"Mary...I don't know what you're saying," he said, refusing to look me in the eye. I knew he was lying. He knew exactly what I was saying; he was just trying to give me a chance to change my mind. Only I didn't have a choice; it was either John or the street.

I smiled. "I know you're not stupid, John. You know what I'm saying."

He had nothing to say to that so I pulled myself close to him, close enough to lean my head on his chest and smell sawdust mixed with his cologne. I ran my hand down his chest to his belt buckle, my hand shaking so bad I was afraid he would notice; and the more I tried to stop it, the worse it got.

"I swear I won't tell," I said. "I have a reputation to protect, too, just like you do. If anyone found out about us, it could go as bad for me as it would for you. You know the way small towns are."


I kissed him to shut him up, determined not to let him off the hook now that we'd come this far. He kissed me back, and when I undid his belt he didn't try to stop me.

I sank down to my knees on the carpet and looked up at him, staring into his hazel eyes. He looked nervous and guilty, but I could tell by the way his pants were stretched that he wanted this as badly as I did. I'd get to keep a roof over my head and a chance to enjoy the man who'd been playing peekaboo in my dreams and he'd get what every man wanted: a girl on her knees, ready to please him, whenever he wanted. I didn't see it going any farther than that, and I didn't think it would be safe for us to do so, but I was willing to make the sacrifice. It was better than the alternatives.

I undid the button on his jeans and slowly pulled down his zipper...

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The Orc King's Captive

The Orc King's Captive

The Orc King's Lover vol 1

monster sex, forced breeding, rough and reluctant

Length: novelette (16,000 words, approx 45+ pages)

Betrayed by her councillors, the elvish queen Quolondra has fallen captive to Kerlok, King of the Orcs. While the orcs lay waste to her city, the king entertains his warriors by humiliating the queen in public spectacles and then chains her to a bed for his own amusement. Realizing that she is enjoying the ordeal is bad enough; how will she cope when the bestial king puts a bastard in her belly?

This 16,000 word erotic fantasy adventure about a beautiful, high-born elf queen with a sharp tongue being dominated and impregnated by a brutal, bestial orc includes rough, reluctant anal, oral, deep throat, and vaginal sex, interspecies breeding, and public sex and humiliation with an orc, an ogre, and a tentacled beast. If you like high fantasy and dirty, nasty, toe-curling sex, read on...

Two guards followed him into the room and began undoing her shackles. Quolondra watched out of the corner of her eye as the king began stripping off his armor.

The guards held her until he was completely naked and then let go of her wrists. She felt the blood flow back into her arms and rubbed them gratefully. Kerlok made a motion with his head and they left the room, looking over their shoulders at her as they left.

Kerlok towered over her, his muscular chest rising and falling rapidly. He was breathing hard, fresh from the battlefield. She barely came up to his chest.

"Are you still killing my brothers and sisters?"

Kerlok grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around. She felt the palm of his hand smack her between the shoulder blades and she went down on the feather mattress, face first over the foot of the bed...

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The Orc King's Captor

The Orc King's Captor

The Orc King's Lover vol 2

monster sex, public humiliation, rough and reluctant gangbang

Length: short novel (40,000 words, approx 120+ pages)

This time, Queen Quolondra has gone too far! Taking Kerlok, King of the Orcs, attempted conqueror of Hylandryl, as a lover is one thing, but having his cub is just too much for her elven subjects. She's about to find out just how far people are willing to go to see her brought to her knees in disgrace.

Can Quolondra handle the enormous and somewhat shocking public humiliation she's about to experience at the hands of her rival? Or will her latest usurper’s twisted brand of justice tear her apart? With a whole dungeon of monsters to choose from, who knows what agonizingly sweet tortures she'll be obliged to endure?

This 40,000 word (120+ page) short novel is a sequel to The Orc King's Captive and contains explicit descriptions of erotic swords and sorcery fantasy adventure involving an elf an orc and other dungeon denizens.

Her cousin turned, inspecting the cells. "Throw her in this one," she said, pointing. "This one has an ogre. I hear she likes them big."

One of the guards who'd accompanied them pulled out his keyring and unlocked the cell door while his fellows pushed the prisoners back with the points of their glaives.

"Lym, please!" Quolondra cried. "I beg you! My child—!"

"Your child," Lyminryl said disdainfully, "will be taken care of. I've already assigned it a wet nurse. That filthy orc slut you let sleep in the kitchen like a loyal dog. What's her name? Gruma? Grima?"

"Groma," said Quolondra, breathing a small sigh of relief. Groma had her own room in the palace, but seemed to prefer the company of the menials over the company of lords and ladies.

"Let that be some consolation to you as you execute your new duties as the dungeon's token whore," said Lyminryl, sneering.

She gave a curt nod of her head and the Shadowkeepers pushed Quolondra into the open cell.

Quolondra tripped and fell, landing with a splash in a puddle that reeked so badly it made her retch. Whatever it was, her face, hands and breasts were covered in it. The gate clanged shut behind her.

The queen looked up. There were a dozen creatures in the cell with her, all of them naked and filthy. She counted eight orcs, three bugbears, and an ogre. The orcs and bugbears circled around her, grinning, snarling, growling, chuckling, and flexing their muscles. Many of them were already erect.

"I can't tell you how long I've waited to do this," said an orc, reaching for her...

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Tamed by the Yeti

Tranny Justice: In the Ladies' Room

transgender bathroom justice, shemale gangbang, forced feminization, femdom

Length: novelette (12,600 words, approx 38+ pages)

What do women's restrooms, upskirts, catfights, and femdom have in common? Three smoking hot tgirls with a penchant for justice!

Donning a cheap dress -- and an even cheaper wig -- as a disguise, Antonio has decided to prove to his friend that letting trans women use the ladies' room is opening a can of big fat juicy worms. But Antonio discovers he's bitten off more than he can chew when three of the hottest, sexiest shemales ever to strut the Earth catch him taking creepshots of women in the bathroom. Before he knows it, Antonio is on his knees begging for mercy ... and getting a taste of justice -- tranny justice!

Raunchy, wild, and in your face, this 12,000 word (38+ page) erotic short has one of the hottest, hardest, kinkiest genderbending group encounters you'll ever read.

Antonio had her entire nutsack in his mouth now. He was sucking on her balls like they were Gobstoppers.

"Ahhhh!" said Tess. "Are you sure you aren't a fag? You suck balls like a goddamn queer."

Antonio spit out her nuts. "I'm not a fag!" he said, scowling.

"You will be by the time we're done with you," said Tess, turning around.

Antonio's eyes widened with dismay. She was waving her cock in his face, and it looked hard as a rock.

"Suck it!" Tess ordered. "And don't stop until I cum. And you'd better swallow every drop, bitch, or you'll be sorry!"

"Please, don't make me do this!" Antonio wailed. "I'll do anything else! Just don't make me suck your cock!"

"You should have thought of that before you took all those pictures, creep! This is justice. Tranny justice!"...

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Zelda the Witch: Love Potion Number Nine and One Half

Zelda the Witch: Love Potion No. 9 1/2

paranormal, comedy, erotic romance, witch, love potion

Length: novelette (17,000 words, approx 50+ pages)

Zelda prides herself on being a good witch who never uses her powers for evil, but when her grandmother's death leaves her in possession of a dusty old mansion, the family spellbook, and the responsibility of keeping the family's traditions alive, the prospect of an easy and harmless way to turn the head of her boss, Trent Towers, proves to be too strong a temptation to resist. All Zelda has to do is get him alone and trick him into drinking a love potion created using her grandmother's secret recipe.

Spiking Trent's drink turns out to be more complicated than expected, however, when Rexanne, her rival for Mr. Towers' affections, shows up unannounced. With her plan spiraling out of control, Zelda runs into a new obstacle: a sexy stranger named Bruno who promises to make all her dreams come true.

This lighthearted, 17,000 word erotic romantic comedy is infused with plenty of wild, steamy, explicit M/F sex (including intercourse, oral sex, cunnilingus, outdoor sex, exhibitionism, mild spanking), a cast of memorable characters (including ghosts, pixies, and one very special pet), a big old mansion, a spell book, and some truly hilarious hijinks.

Bruno knocked on the door to the closet. "That's all the boxes, Miss," he said in his deep, hunky voice.

"Wait, before you go," she said, opening the door with a flourish. "There's just one more thing I could use."

Bruno stepped back with a look of alarm. "Miss Zielinski!"

"Call me Zelda," she said, grabbing him by the straps of his overalls and pushing him backward onto the bed.

She jumped on top of him, straddling him, and began undoing the buttons holding his straps in place.

"Zelda, what are you doing?!"

"I want you to take me," she said, tugging his overalls down to his waist. "I've never wanted anyone as badly as I want you!"

Bruno grabbed her wrists but she leaned forward between her suspended arms and kissed him on the lips.

"Don't fight it," she said, kissing him all over the face. "I'll let you do anything you want to me. Anything!"

Bruno tried to sit up but she pushed him back down with both hands and slipped her arms through the straps on her teddy...

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News for Sunday, November 15, 2015

I'm on Excitica!

If you haven't heard about Excitica yet, do yourself a favor and go sign up. (No, it's not an affiliate link, I'm just excited! :p)

As you may have noticed, some of my stories are too hot for Amazon and some of the other retailers. I won't deny it, I write some racy stuff, and I've been holding off on publishing a lot of stories because I know they won't pass the censors. Well, now I'm happy to say that those stories will finally have a home at Excitica!

Excitica is a new, up and cumming (sorry, couldn't resist) ebook distributor that isn't afraid to push a few envelopes -- or a few buttons. If the big retailers aren't scratching that itch, I encourage you to check out Excitica.

Excitica has the juicy stuff, the forbidden stuff, the stuff that "family friendly" stores are nervous about carrying. These aren't wicked stories -- yes, they're dirty, they're naughty, and sometimes they're shocking -- but they're good stories that deserve to be told and you'd be surprised how many authors have stories they feel passionate about, stories that they're longing to tell, but that they just can't get out there to their readers. Those stories are waiting for you. So what are you waiting for?

Clea Kinderton

About Clea Kinderton

Erotic fantasy with a twist. The hottest, dirtiest ebook erotica you may ever read.

I've always had a wild imagination. I love fat fantasy novels, B movies, comic books, and scifi. But I also love romance and sex and you'll find plenty of both along with humor, mystery, and suspense jampacked into some of the hottest, hardest, kinkiest stories you may ever read. Strap yourself in, it's going to be a wild ride.

Relax, mom, it's just pretend. :)

I'm always interested in hearing what you have to say and welcome suggestions. You can contact me at

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